Giant Bread Pillow is Every Carb Lover’s Dream

It would be nice to sleep with the thing that you love the most. But the sad truth is, there’s no way that we can sleep with our favorite food. Now here’s an amazing find that will certainly put all carb lovers into frenzy. A giant bread pillow that is great for nap, but not for snacks. This very realistic 3D simulation bread pillow is available on Amazon so grab yours now before it sells out.

Remember the tortilla blanket that can wrap you up like a burrito? Well, that hilarious item was selling out like hotcakes. And people just can’t seem to get enough of the weird stuff. All of a sudden, beddings that look like foods are a hot item now. And here comes this giant bread pillow that will surely start a craze.

This novelty throw pillow comes in three different sizes – 11.8 inches, 23.6 inches, and 31.5 inches. Each baguette-shaped pillow is made of plush PP cotton that is hypoallergenic and soft to the touch. It has realistic bread semblance on both sides with zipper closure so you can add or reduce stuffing as needed.

hugging pillow


baguette pillow

The item quickly garnered the label Amazon’s Choice due to its positive reviews form satisfied buyers. Many buyers are claiming that the item was a perfect gift for someone who loves bread and pillows. The only issue was the size, though. Some people claim that the actual item is smaller than the one on the photo. But nonetheless, the quality (as well as the softness) of this giant bread pillow is top notch. You can never ask for anything else in a pillow. Let us remind you though, that it ONLY looks like real bread. It IS a pillow and there’s no way that you can possibly eat it.
Get your bread pillow today!

baguette bread pillow

Amazon also has other hilariously weird stuffs to offer such as this pair of cozy, baguette slippers.

bread slippers

Get your bread pillow or bread slippers today!