Stories From People Who Had An Awful First Kiss


Most people imagine that their first kiss will be sweet and romantic, and with somebody they really care about. However, for a lot of folks, a first kiss is just awkward and involves way too much saliva. Then there are those first kisses that go way beyond simple awkwardness and into creepy, gross or embarrassing. It’s okay, because even if you have a terrible first kiss, you’ve got a lifetime ahead of you to get on with some quality kissing! It might make you feel better, though, to listen to some other tales of kissing woe. Take a look at these twelve stories from people who had an awful first kiss!



We’re sure a lot of people’s awkward first kisses were a result of playing truth or dare.


Wow. Now that’s an unwanted gift!


If a kiss isn’t engaging enough to stop you being distracted, it’s probably not that good!


We don’t think you can beat this one for sheer disgustingness.


We’ve heard of taking it slow, but this is glacial.


Who knew that head butts could be romantic?


Ugh. That is totally gross.


The first rule of kissing is don’t play tonsil tennis with your friend’s boyfriend.


This sounds awkward and it’s not like you could just walk away.


How devastating!


Having someone watch your first kiss… not nice!


Let’s hope their technique has improved.

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