16 Awesome Umbrellas That Blow Away Ordinary Umbrellas


The umbrella has one simple purpose, which is to keep us dry in the rain. Generally, umbrellas are not the most exciting of items, being more practical rather than imaginative. Well not anymore! We have collected 16 of the most amazing and ingenious umbrella designs around which we know you are going to love!

Take a look at the very cleverly designed Clock Parasol which actually tells you the time based on the positioning of the sun. Awesome! The pet umbrella is also very cool for taking pampered pooches out on rainy winter days. Let us know your favorite in the comments below.


Octopus Umbrella


Komorebi Umbrella


Blue Sky Umbrella

Find it here: Blue Sky Umbrella


Goggles Umbrella

Find it here: Goggles Umbrella


Cup Holder Umbrella


Full Body Umbrella


Lettuce Umbrella

Find it here: Lettuce Umbrella


Sword Handle Umbrella

Find it here: Sword Handle Umbrella


Pet Umbrella

dog umbrella


Find it here: Pet Umbrella


Birdcage Umbrella



Double Umbrella

Find it here: Double Umbrella


Light Up Umbrella

Find it here: Light Up Umbrella


Heart Umbrella




Clock Parasol


Off The Course Umbrella

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