Japanese Theme Park Has Made A Huge Godzilla Replica So That You Can Zip Line Right Into The Jaws Of Hell

Located on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, the Nijigen no Mori theme park is famous for its interactive anime-themed attractions. There’s the Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park and the Naruto and Boruto Shinobi-Zato. Visitors can experience living like their favorite characters for a day and revel in the beauty of their fantastical worlds. This year, the theme park is unveiling its most ambitious attraction to date—the Godzilla Interception Operation.

It features the world’s first-ever life-size statue of the kaiju from the 1954 Ishiro Honda film to be installed permanently. Measuring 55 meters long, 25 meters wide and 20 meters high, the statue stays true to the movie’s depiction of the legendary monster. Despite its half-buried body, the “King of the Monsters” still looks like it’s ready to wreak havoc anytime.



Nijigen no Mori theme park’s latest attraction features a life-size statue…


…where visitors can experience a thrilling zipline ride into its massive mouth


Photos of the structure’s scale model have surfaced online last year, giving fans a sneak peek of the upcoming attraction



The theme park originally planned to launch it last summer but had to postpone it due to the current pandemic


So, it’s the visitors’ mission to tame this beastly giant. Acting as scientists, visitors will take on a thrilling zipline ride into the monster’s massive mouth. Nobody knows what lies inside, but the theme park promises a series of fun-filled activities, including a shooting game. Indeed, it’s an exciting adventure that’s fit for the brave and the bold.


A blog post on the theme park’s website has also revealed the significance of the attraction’s location on Awaji Island.

“The legendary figure of Godzilla was first confirmed at the beginning of the Meiji era when a typhoon hit Awaji Island. Godzilla, who appeared with the high waves, roamed the island, causing tremendous damage.”


Nevertheless, the good news is, it’s finally opening its doors on October 10th, 2020



Apparently, its launch was initially scheduled this summer. Unfortunately, the theme park’s management had to postpone it due to the current pandemic. But the good news is, it’s finally opening its doors on October 10th, 2020. So, hopefully, the pandemic ends soon, so we can all book a flight to Japan to experience this thrilling adventure!



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