‘Anthenea’ Is A Solar-Powered Luxury Hotel With Views Above And Below The Ocean

How many times have you flirted with the idea of going away on a vacation these past months? The luxury of being able to get away from our daily grind is definitely something we all miss! Your idea of a perfect getaway most likely involves luxury hotel accommodation by the sea. But what if we told you that you can chill like a villain inside Anthenea, the world’s first floating eco-luxury hotel very soon?

We’ve featured several impressive watercrafts like the EGO Submarine before. But the Anthenea is definitely in a class of its own… especially in the matter of luxury, eco-responsibility and sustainability. The iconic escape pod from the 1977 Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me” inspired this luxury watercraft. It’s also loaded with luxurious features to ensure that you have a five-star experience aboard it! And this design didn’t happen overnight: French naval architect Jean-Michel Duancancelle spent 15 years perfecting the design.


“Anthenea is a new kind of tourism, but also a new way of life in the face of many environmental challenges: rising sea levels, the effects of climate change. The overdensity of the seaboard and places congested by tourism.”

Man paddles back to the Anthenea eco-luxury hotel


The Anthenea eco-luxury hotel floats like a lotus flower

The Anthenea’s spherical shape is not borne out of mere aesthetic. Its circular shape serves several important roles. For starters, it makes the vessel unsusceptible to cataclysms and even to the rise of the ocean. Another factor that influenced its design is the principle of surface tension. According to this observation, spherical objects demonstrated optimal resistance to extreme weather conditions. The designer also added that “its peripheral crown enhances the stability of the pod”. With these design elements in place, the Anthenea is able to float on the water’s surface like a lotus flower.


“Thanks to its innovative sand screw anchoring, Anthenea makes no damage nor impact on the underwater ecosystem and environment.”

aerial shot of the Anthenea


It also comes fitted with solar panels

The Anthenea features five solar panels placed on the vessel’s solarium dome. The panels’ placement allows optimal solar energy harvesting by following the sun’s movement. Then, the harvested solar energy is then stored in the vessel’s six powerful batteries. These batteries make living off grid in luxury and comfort possible. There is also a central well on the solarium to provide natural air conditioning. With this, it won’t ever get too hot and stuffy when you decide to stay inside.

aerial shot of the Anthenea docked at a residential area


The Anthenea only releases clean water

Aside from its non-intrusive build, the vessel also has its own sewage system. The system comprises of both a black and gray water processing system. These systems collect all the water you use and filter out all the impurities. You won’t need to worry about contaminating the water you’re exploring thanks to this feature!

aerial shot of the Anthenea by the sea shore


Experience the underwater world without disturbing the marine life

This luxury UFO-shaped water leisure craft boasts a whopping 583 square feet of space. The lower-level living area’s focal feature is a panoramic window that offers a 360-degree view of the seascape. We can definitely imagine how relaxing and exhilarating it would be to simply watch fish and other interesting sea creatures swim by!


“Opening a window on the submarine world, Anthenea offers a magic living space and invites you to live timeless moments in perfect harmony with Nature.”

couple relaxes at the lounge area


woman watches as man swins by the panoramic window

Aside from its lounge area, the Anthenea also has a wet bar and a master bedroom furnished with a round bed. The bathroom boasts a fabulous round soaking tub, to! But in case you’re in the mood to have brunch with a view, you and your guest(s) can easily gather at its upper-level solarium. The solarium has a 12-person seating capacity and an adjustable sunshade.

interior comes fitted with mood lighting


luxury bedroom in the Anthenea eco-luxury hotel


Have the most spectacular getaways with this watercraft

Anthenea with solarium and living area opened


The Anthenea eco-luxury hotel at night


Luxury cruises might become a thing of the past when this UFO-shaped watercraft becomes commercially available

With the Anthenea offering absolute privacy and incomparable thrills, the usual vacations at resorts may not be as exciting anymore. However, it is important to note that this watercraft is not yet commercially available as of writing. So if you’re interested in investing in your very own floating eco-luxury vacation watercraft, you’ll need to contact Anthenea through their Channel Partners and various communication channels.

There’s also a showroom located on the south coast of France if you want to see it for yourself. This incredible watercraft has an estimated price of over half a million dollars. But what’s half a million dollars compared to a lifetime of priceless getaway moments? Inquire about the Anthenea eco-luxury hotel here now.

360 degree panoramic windows on Anthenea


See the Anthenea eco-luxury hotel suite in action


Source: Anthenea