25+ Pets Traveling That Were Better Behaved Than A Lot Of People

Traveling and animals are just two of the things that we love the most. Combine these two together and you’ll surely have the most memorable trip of your life! Unfortunately, it might be a long time before we can take our fur babies on trips again due to the current health crisis. So, as we all await that glorious day, let’s take a moment to appreciate these adorable photos of pets traveling.

And as if that weren’t enough to put a smile on our faces, these photos also show how they behaved properly on trips. In fact, they even proved to be more civilized than many people. While traveling with a furry companion sounds fun and exciting, most animals actually find it stressful. So, it’s truly admirable to see how these animals manage to brave their fears and remain calm while on board.


“Hush little baby, don’t say a word. Found them in a train in London”


“Just a lady with her pet duck in the metro”


“My good boi and service animal in training, Nigel, enjoying his first practice ride on the Metro!”


“Just got onto a train. Then this little guy appears under my seat!”


Subway Lion


“Someone brought a horse named Apple on one of our planes today as an ’emotional support’ pet.”


“My friend just sent me this live from Rome subway…”


“Pets take over plane cabin on Fort McMurray fire evacuee flight”


“This guy sitting next to me on the flight was all business.”


“This little guy just flew across Canada with me. As you can see in his eyes, he was not happy about it. Now home safe and sound!”


Traveling with pets sure sounds fun and exciting, but it does come with responsibilities too

Likewise, fur parents who choose to take their pets on trips are also particularly commendable. Doing so not only entails ensuring your fur baby’s comfort and safety during travel. In fact, it also involves a lot of paperwork beforehand.


“Today’s flight just got interesting”


“His first time on a train.”


“This police trauma dog on my wife’s flight today”


“This Irish Setter didn’t win the best in its group at Westminster, but it won the best in first class on my flight”


“I asked to be seated next to the cutest guy on the plane”


“Two old best friends having a little snooze on the bus”


“Look at this a**hole using up two seats like he owns the train or something”


“I had the absolute pleasure of having this Goldie named Joey on the flight I’m working today. With permission from the owner, I snapped the cutest picture of him sleeping with his toy. He’s the goodest boy, and my favorite passenger of the day. He even comes with his own business cards.”


“Hard-working doggo on his daily morning commute”


“This dog sitting at a subway”


These include determining if an animal is fit for travel as well as securing the required documents

For instance, travel requirements may vary depending on the mode of transport and the type of animal you’re traveling with. Of course, your destination is an important consideration too. You may check out the website of the US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) for pet travel guidelines per country.


“This dude on the train wouldn’t stop staring at me.”


“This is how Desmond sleeps on a plane”


“I was lucky enough to sit next to this little one on my plane ride the other night!”


“He makes her hold his hand on the subway”


“I made a new friend on the train.”


“Four gifted koalas from Brisbane will travel in #KoalaClass to mark the #Singapore anniversary of independence”


“Bentley got to meet the Captain after our flight home last night!”


“I’m a flight attendant and this was my first passenger this morning… she made my day! Meet Zuri.”


“Puppy on his first flight”


“Future search-and-rescue dog Echo took a 13-hour trip home with me this week, including three flights. She’s a trooper!”


Traveling can indeed be stressful for both pet owners and their pets

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also listed some helpful tips on flying with animals on its website. Apparently, pet travel guidelines also vary depending on the airline. Some will allow your pet to sit with you on the same flight in the cabin, while others will require transporting them as cargo.


“On airlines that permit pets to travel, only small dogs and cats that can fit in special carriers under the seat are allowed in the cabin. Their owners must care for them during any layovers. Some airlines may not allow them in the cabin and will transport them as cargo in a heated and ventilated hold. Cats and dogs may travel and rest better this way, since it is quieter and darker, according to the International Air Transport Association.”


“This guy is going to make the flight much more enjoyable! He’s so happy to fly.”


“Kitten likes traveling”


“This little kitty had its own seat on the three-hour train ride I was on in Spain! It sat so nicely for the whole time”


“Doggo on plane—sits, senses my presence, notices me, and proceeds to converse. Doggo is booped. Boop causes doggo to sleep. Best plane ride ever.”


“This girl named Panda smiled at me like this for her entire plane ride shift. (Service dog)”


“This guy and his dog on my flight right now. They have been like this for over 2 hours”


“Sat next to this happy little guy on a plane”


“You saw penguins on a plane? My papps was flying it”


“Dog tired rescue dog travelling to forever home gets own seat on ferry.”


“On the train to Manchester”


So, the key is careful planning to ensure a hassle-free and safe trip for you and your fur baby

To ensure a hassle-free flight, the CDC recommends consulting with your veterinarian above everything else to determine if an animal is fit for travel. As much as possible, choose flights with few to zero layovers and avoid departure and arrival times with extreme temperatures. For instance, it might be best to schedule a night flight if you’re traveling to a hot destination.


The way this guy looks at his kitten is so cute


“On the train and saw this friendly face”


“So apparently we are bringing llamas on the Max now. I guess… alpaca bit of extra snacks with me next time?”


“Hi there”


“She took the midnight train going anywhere”


“My blind stepdad’s guide dog Axel. They went on a week long pilgrimage and are now returning home. This was him on the train hugging my stepdad’s foot. Such a good boi.”


“A girl and her raven on the running subway…”


“This is Athena. It’s her first train trip and she’s a little scared, but being brave as heck”


“My wife is a flight attendant and uses her benefits to help transfer animals to shelters that value life a bit more than others. Today’s guest was Pepper!”

Also, it’s important to familiarize your pet with its carrier or shipping kennel prior to the flight. Always remember that the key to a smooth trip is careful planning. Similarly, keep in mind to prioritize your pet’s comfort and safety above everything else.