Sculptor Víctor Hugo Yáñez Piña Creates Thought-Provoking Sculptures Showing People Carving Their Ideal Figures Out Of Themselves

Mexican sculptor Víctor Hugo Yáñez Piña is known for his hyper-realistic sculptures and busts depicting historical and religious figures. Recently, the talented artist has shown prowess in making wonderful figurative sculptural pieces. The pieces, titled Self-Made Man and Self-Made Woman, depict a male and a female subjects carving out their plump bodies, revealing their ideal fit bodies inside.

The two figurative sculptures feature the individual subjects chiseling away their own overweight bodies into what the society perceive as the ‘perfect physique’. Holding a hammer and a chisel, the subjects are depicted halfway through their transformation with the rest of their lower bodies still needs to be done. Looking at it, the art can provide a boost of inspiration for those aiming to lose weight.


Figurative Sculptures That Depict The Subjects Sculpting Their Ideal Forms

Now, some people might take the message the wrong way. These pieces are called figurative sculptures for a reason’. What you see on the surface does not necessarily represent the main concept of the piece. Although Piña always promotes fitness and healthy lifestyle, his pieces are in no way created to body shame the plus-sized. The fit body emerging from within represents the best version of oneself.



Again, the perfect human form doesn’t literally depict a fit body. But rather, it is a representation of a hidden talent or skill that is waiting to be unleashed. One only needs to take it upon themselves to bring out the best in them.



The Self-Made Man and Self-Made Woman sculptures come in two versions: in bronze and in resin. Each piece approximately measures about 1.6 feet tall and weighs about 22 pounds. You can find Piña’s other sculptural wonders on his Instagram page.



Source: Instagram