Artist Offers To ‘Edit Out Your Ex’ For $10, Ends Up Getting Flooded With Requests

Blissful moments spent with your special someone are something to be treasured. But these moments can become bitter memories after breakup. Luckily for us, this woman on Twitter can edit your ex out of your photos so you can reminisce the sweet moments without any trace of bitterness. Life-changing indeed!

Artist and makeup enthusiast @hexgirlfriend (formerly @hexappeal) offered her photo-editing skills on Twitter. For $10, she will edit your ex out of your favorite photo. Her post also includes a sample before-and-after photo to show that she’s the real deal. The original photo shows a couple smiling at the camera together with their dog. After it was edited, the guy just magically disappeared from the photo as if he wasn’t there in the first place, leaving the happy woman and the dog on the photo.


This Woman On Twitter Can Edit Your Ex Out Of Your Favorite Photo

artist edit out your ex photo

Her Twitter post became viral with over 147,000 likes and 16,000 retweets as of this writing. With seamless rendition and impressive result, she got flooded with requests as her post continues to go viral on social media. Some of her clients were so happy with the results that they even shared the before-and-after photos on Twitter. One of her clients who requested to have his ex-girlfriend removed from the photo said it was the best $10 he had ever spent.

hexgirlfriend edit your ex out your photo

Another client even shared the story behind the photo she wanted to be edited. According to her, the photo which was taken with her ex was when she was nominated as the Student of the Year and she didn’t have another photo of her own to commemorate the moment. So, she wanted to edit out her ex from the special photo and flaunt her achievement in peace.

woman wants to remove ex from photo


woman can edit your ex out of photo

And because @hexgirlfriend keeps receiving an overwhelming amount of requests, she decided to raise the price to $15. So if you have some special memories and prefer to look back at it without your ex on it, you know where to find the right person to do that.

ex removal photo-editing skill


hexgirlfriend ex removal photo-editing skill

Source: Twitter