A Bakery In Japan Puts An Adorable Twist On The Shape Of Their Bread By Making Them Cat-Shaped

If you’re a cat person, chances are you love surrounding yourself with all things cat-inspired too. For sure, you’d love getting your hands on these flip-flops and bags that come in various adorable feline forms. But we could all probably agree that there’s nothing more exciting than an edible cat-themed treat. Well, one bakery in Japan has been gaining the approval of ailurophiles for their scrumptious selection of cat-shaped bread.

White bread has always been a breakfast and snack staple in many parts of the world. Sure, eating it on its own with your favorite spread on top is the way to go. But aside from that and making French toast out of it, there’s pretty much nothing else you could do to make it even more enticing… Or so we thought. Apparently, Neko Neko Shokupan has figured a way to revamp this simple baked good. How? By making it in the shape of one of the world’s most beloved animals—the cat.





Neko Neko Shokupan, which literally translates to “Cat Cat Bread,” offers a delectable lineup of flavored feline-shaped sliced bread. According to their website, all their bread contains 100% Japanese grown wheat flour. And as for the liquid ingredient? They use nothing but 100% fresh milk. So, each slice has a fluffy and chewy texture and is packed with a rich, milky flavor. Yum!








Aside from plain milk bread, the bakery also offers flavored cat-shaped bread slices that come with cheese, chocolate and red bean bits






While they accept orders online, unfortunately, they only ship within Japan. Sadly, with the situation we’re currently in, a trip to Japan is also not advisable, not to mention impossible. Nevertheless, don’t lose hope, because there’s still a way to get yourself some fluffy Japanese bread, thanks to the internet.

We’ve found tons of tutorials on YouTube, and they’re all easy to follow. In addition, the recipe only calls for basic ingredients like bread flour, sugar, salt, butter, water or milk, and dry yeast. So, you wouldn’t have a hard time finding them in your kitchen or in your local grocery store. As long as you have these ingredients and necessary baking equipment at home, then you’re good to go!


While you won’t be able to get your hands on Neko Neko Shokupan’s tasty bread, you can at least use their Instagram feed as inspiration for your next baking activity













Follow this recipe to make your own fluffy loaf of shokupan at home

Source: Neko Neko Shokupan InstagramWebsite | Kitchen Princess Bamboo