Japanese Artist Has Been Creating Cat-Shaped Bags And It’s Actually Becoming A Trend

If you’re a cat lover, then having one of these cat-shaped bags is definitely a must. Well, what better way to express your fascination with felines than by carrying one with you wherever you go, right? These bags literally look and feel just like the real thing! So, we’re pretty sure that you’ll turn quite a few heads along the way.

These purrty cat-shaped bags are all handmade by Pico Miho

Miho is a self-taught Japanese artist, a mother of two and ultimately a cat-loving housewife. Also, she goes by the handle @nekoseisaku_pico on Instagram so you can take a look at her creations.





The artist describes herself as someone who enjoys “making cats”—well, as in plush toys and bags. Miho has always been fond of felines and stuffed toys ever since she was young. And growing up was not an excuse to let go of her childhood favorites.






“I wanted a ‘stuffed cat’ that I could take outside even as an adult. But a cute plush is embarrassing… so I made it in a way that looks real and has a reason for one to carry it around.”





Miho’s faux feline purses are perfect for cat lovers who consider themselves old enough for cute plush toys.

Moreover, they do not only serve as a storage for all your stuff, but they’re also a great mood booster. Just, imagine having a huggable, fluffy feline at your disposal because that would be cute and awesome right?





The level of craftsmanship in these bags is just superb because each piece comes complete with an accurate depiction of the feline features. From the marble-like eyes, pointy ears, delicate nose, fine whiskers, down to the finer details like nails and paws. It’s amazing to see how the artist is able to recreate furry felines in the most lifelike way possible.






This simply showcases her expertise, dedication and passion for her craft. Also, it goes without saying that each piece takes a lot of time and effort to create. As with any handmade creation, each piece is unique in its own way.



So, this bag is super cute!















So, depending on the size and design, the price of these bags may go as high as $950. Also, Miho accepts custom orders from time to time, via her website. However, she’s currently on hiatus due to a back injury so let’s all hope for a speedy recovery!

Source: Pico Miho Website | Instagram