There’s Now A Free Version Of Cards Against Humanity That You Can Play With Friends Online

We’ve certainly found ourselves living in a strange time, haven’t we? So it’s a good thing that we’ve got the internet to bridge the physical distance we’ve all got to maintain. But, if you and your friends are getting tired of having Netflix watch parties, you might want to try playing Cards Against Humanity online for a change!

Yes, that’s right. There’s now a virtual version of the iconic card game we’ve all played with our friends! Those nightly video call conferences with our crew just got a whole lot more entertaining! Get ready for more laughs, snickers, and puns!


cards agaisnt humanity online


Call your friends and play Cards Against Humanity online while waiting out the end of this pandemic

To play this game, you’ll have to go to and create a virtual room for you and your friends to play Cards Against Humanity online in. After you’ve set up the virtual room, all you’ve got to do is send out link to your friends so you can all gather there. Easy, right? You can see everyone who’s joined the game in real time. However, the virtual game room does not come with a video call feature yet, so you might want to set that up elsewhere like Skype or Zoom, to make things more fun!

real cards against humanity

The rules of the online Cards Against Humanity game is pretty much the same as its real-life counterpart. A question card is pulled, everyone looks at their hand and chooses the best (or worse, depending on how you look at it) answer. Then, a winning answer card will be picked.

In the virtual version, no one can see your card. Until you drag your answer card of choice to the area marked for ‘answer cards in play’. Then, after a while, the judge will move the winning answer card next to the question card. It’s that easy!


More and more people are playing Cards Against Humanity online

So what are you waiting for? Set up a game with your friends here now!