Fans Of Harry Potter Will Love This “Cards Against Muggles” Version

Stay-at-home orders have probably got many Potterheads wanting to rewatch and reread the entire Harry Potter film and book series. Although that’s certainly a great idea, we might just have something a bit more exciting. How about a Harry Potter-themed game night? Well, apparently, a Harry Potter edition of Cards Against Humanity exists, and it’s aptly named Cards Against Muggles.

This edition features a geeky take on the iconic card game with a whole lot of cheeky humor and puns. Fair warning: this game is strictly for adults only, as it deals with a lot of NSFW content. So, we highly advise putting the kids to sleep first before playing this game with your family and friends. Of course, you wouldn’t want to taint their perfectly innocent perception of the fantasy saga, would you?


A Harry Potter-style Cards Against Humanity exists, and it’s perfect for adult muggles with an inner sassy side!

Moving on, the game works just like the original crowd-favorite party game. Each round, a player gets to read a statement or a question from a black card. Other players will then get to complete this statement or answer this question using their white cards. The rule of the game is pretty simple. All you’ll have to do is come up with the funniest, wittiest and in this case, naughtiest card pairing.

Of course, having adequate Harry Potter knowledge would give you an edge in this game. But it’s also equally important to equip yourself with an overflowing sense of humor to emerge victorious in this game. Here’s an example of a statement from a black card: “Next time you’ll have to put ___ in the Goblet of Fire to complete.” Possible answers include “chocolates,” “scantily clad goblins,” and even “Lucius Malfoy’s sex appeal.” The possibilities are endless!

Each set includes an even number of question cards in black and answer cards in white. The game is suitable for players aged 17 and up and requires a minimum of 4 players. The average game duration is around 90 minutes or less. But obviously, this may vary depending on how long you spend cracking up at each other’s responses.

Although this version is not an official HP merchandise, we have to say that we prefer it that way. Otherwise, we wouldn’t get a good dose of cheeky Harry Potter-related content. And if you’re looking for more Harry Potter-themed goodies with a sassy twist, then these candles are a great choice as well.

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