People Are Curing Their Boredom By Creating Cardboard Tanks For Their Cats

Is boredom trying to get the best of you? Why not make cardboard tanks for you cats? With this activity, you’ll be able to kill time and make something incredible for your feline pet. The novel coronavirus pandemic got everyone in self-isolation and time could only tell when we can roam free again. But for now, all we could do is abide by the quarantine rules and stay at home. Yes, boredom is something we have to deal with in quarantine. But there are several ways to beat boredom. Besides, we’d rather sulk in boredom than to risk our lives against a formidable, microscopic foe lurking outside our homes.

But, it never hurts to look at the bright side of this gloomy situation. Staying at home gives you plenty of time to spend with your family and loved ones. So, it’s one of those rare moments when we can detach ourselves from the harsh reality of hectic work. And just enjoy most of our time with the people we love. Of course, this also includes our precious pets that we usually leave at home for work every day. People have been spending more time with their pets than before and these cuddly creatures couldn’t be any happier. And since people have a lot of free time on their hands, they decided to use their time to the fullest by creating tanks for their pets.


Cool DIY Cardboard Tanks For Cats

It’s like killing three birds with one stone because it keeps you occupied for hours, allows you to unleash your creativity and create something that your kitty will enjoy. Not to mention, the sight of a cat in a tank is truly something to behold. With the fierce look on their faces, it’s as if they’re ready to attack with their DIY tanks anytime. It’s cute, funny, and more importantly, it’s Instagram-worthy.

We’ve compiled the funniest and most adorable photos of cats in their tanks, courtesy of their creative owners who have nothing else to do in quarantine. Don’t let your kitties be left behind. Give them their own fighting vehicles and leave them to their own battles.