Campfire S’More Pops Have All The Gooey Goodness Without The Added Effort

Every summer, millions of marshmallows get toasted over campfires. But not this year because the global pandemic has put all travel and camping plans on hold indefinitely. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll have to miss out on the gooey, chocolate-y goodness of the s’more. We may not be able to set up camp in the great outdoors now but the Campfire S’More Pops is here to give you that camping joy. This tasty offering from Campfire Marshmallow may not look it, but it has all the tasty elements you know and love from the classic campfire treat.

S’mores are, in a way, a special occasion kind of treat. You don’t just make them whenever you feel like it because this three-ingredient delight requires quite a bit of work. To create a batch of delicious, gooey s’mores, ingredients must be gathered, carefully assembled and melted. Then, after all the tasty treats are gone, you’ll be left to deal with its sticky, messy aftermath. You wouldn’t want to deal with any extra work before bedtime when you know you’ve got a busy day ahead, right? So these new S’More Pops are definitely something you’ll want to have ready whenever you find yourself craving for something sweet and campy.

campfire s'more pops


Say goodbye to sticky fingers with the new Campfire S’More Pops


“Some call it a Marvel of modern technology. Some call it a marshmallow dream come true. Now you can experience the great indoors with the crunchy, chocolaty awesomeness of s’mores on a stick!”

The S’More Pops look a lot like cake pops. But make no mistake, they aren’t the same. This version of the classic American campfire treat consists of a large Campfire Marshmallow dipped in milk chocolate and coated with crumbled graham crackers instead of being stacked together. There won’t be any melting needed as well either. In fact, there’s really nothing else left for you to do after opening the packaging but to enjoy it!

pack of campfire s'more pops

Given how iconic s’mores are, it’s already a given that people will try to add their own twist on them. Some marshmallow brands have even go so far as to inject chocolate inside their puffs! But one thing that makes these Campfire S’More Puffs stand out is that you won’t have to deal with marshmallow and chocolate dripping all over the place. Some may argue that dealing with that sticky mess is part of the s’mores charm, but then again… do you really want to deal with candy goo at home?


Grab the S’more Pops now

It turns out that Campfire Marshmallow introduced the Pops a couple years back. And this fact has got us wondering how we could’ve possibly not known about them for so long. We’ve certainly got to thank sweet-toothed snack sleuths @candyhunting and @tmcreviews for bringing them to our attention. According to their Instagram posts, the S’More Pops can be found at Walmart. Every pack contains three delicious Campfire S’More Pops and retails for under $2. At the moment, they’re only available for in-store purchase, so you might want to keep this treat in mind next time you go on a grocery run.

Source: Walmart