Daniel Britton Creates Dyslexic Typeface To Raise Awareness Of Dyslexia


Daniel Britton, created the 'Dyslexic Typeface' while at The London College of Communication. Britton didn't need to undertake much research as he is dyslexic himself, and wanted to raise awareness of the much misunderstood condition. He was aware that, although there is a great deal of literature on the subject, nothing out there gave a person the actual feeling of being dyslexic. Britton remedied this by creating a whole new typeface which is virtually illegible, slowing the pace of the reader to that of a dyslexic individual. This way the reader can feel the complete frustration of reading in the same way someone with dyslexia does. In the future, Britton plans to create an educational pack for schools, which will educate both teachers and parents which can only be a good thing. Check out the photos below of Britton and his work, and see how difficult you find it to read his new typeface.

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