This 3D Papercraft Shark Is A Ferocious Wall Decoration That Looks Ready To Swim Away

No one can dispute the fact that sharks are the most fascinating sea creatures to ever exist. So, expect the cultural obsession with sharks to stay a little bit longer. If you love sharks (or you simply want to impress your guests) then we suggest freeing up some wall space for this 3D papercraft shark.

For sure, by now you already have the shark plushies, shark wall clock, shark blankets and many other shark-inspired items. And if you’re looking for some fierce-looking shark-themed decorations, we’ve found this 3D shark that you can make on your own. This 3.3-feet long low poly sculpture can be made from 210-gsm thick papers or cardstocks. When placed on a flat surface, the paper sculpture appears immersed in the wall. It looks as if the ferocious figure is ready to swim away or attack any moment.


3D Papercraft Shark Wall Decor

3d papercraft shark wall decor

To create this amazing 3D shark, the first thing to do is to download the digital files containing the digital templates that are ready for printing, full instructions and useful tips to help you craft the coolest wall décor ever. Digital templates include 11 pages for the shark’s upper body and 4 pages for the lower body and teeth. You’ll need a printer and 15 A4 paper size cardstock (180-210 gsm). Spray paint the cardstock with the color of your choice or use a colored/patterned cardstock. In addition to these, you’ll also need a cutting tool, ruler, scoring tool, white glue and 2 pins.

3d papercraft shark digital file


low poly shark wall decor


low poly shark origami digital templates


3d papercraft shark wall immersed


low poly shark paper sculpture decor

The digital file also includes easy-to-follow instructions. If you haven’t crafted a paper sculpture before, starting with this piece might be a bit tricky for you. But never worry. The digital file also includes a simple tutorial in making a mini cactus paper sculpture. This is to introduce you to the craft and to learn the process. If you’re done with the mini cactus then you’ll be ready to tackle the 3D shark. One satisfied customer wrote:

“This was my first papercraft. It was a little frightening, but I followed the clear and well-written instructions, and it turned out great!”

realistic shark wall decor


swimming shark paper sculpture


3d papercraft shark swimming effect


realistic swimming shark paper sculpture


3d papercraft shark sculpture


low poly shark paper sculpture

Get the digital files here.

Source: Etsy