The Volkswagen Cooler Might Be The Most Stylish Way To Move Around Your Precious Cargo

The Volkswagen T1 Bus remains an icon even today although it is 70 years old. This classic camper van has been the inspiration for modern items including this record player. If you’re a VW fanatic then you may want to add this Volkswagen Cooler to your collection. It comes in perfect timing too because we’ll be needing something to cool us down in the upcoming summer days.

This cooler features a scale replica of the iconic VW T1 Bus which was a hip van in the 60s. Listed as official VW merchandise, it flaunts every last detail of the original hippy camper. The miniature replica comes complete with T1’s signature split windscreen, multiple windows and sunroof. It is made of mid-gauge, anti-rust steel and comes complete with the official VW logo. But this product is more than just a scale replica of the classic camper. More importantly, it comes with ice box storage that you can access by opening the hinged roof.


This Volkswagen Cooler is a scale replica of the iconic T1 camper van

volkswagen cooler rolling replica

Its fully insulated cooler has a large 30 liter capacity that can hold up to 30 355ml cans or 24 16oz bottles along with ice. It has 0.75 inch insulation to keep your drinks and food cool for hours. Furthermore, it has an internal drainage plug at the base of the compartment to allow easy emptying and cleaning. The cooler lid is also secure with a heavy-duty anti-theft lid lock to keep your favorite beverages cold and safe inside. You can enjoy the beach or party without worrying about your chilled drinks.

volkswagen cooler


classic van-inspired box cooler

One of the great things about the cooler is that it allows you to easily transport your ice cold drinks anywhere. There’s no need to carry heavy coolers anymore. This rolling VW camper replica has steerable premium rubber wheels and a folding telescopic handle. These features allow you to maneuver the cooler in any direction of your choice. It rolls smoothly even on rough, uneven surfaces as the rubber wheels provide a cushioned and easy ride. Whether you are at the beach or in the mountains, you can easily bring your chilled picnic essentials wherever you go.

volkswagen cooler with telescopic handle


rolling vw cooling unit replica


rolling vw functional cooling unit replica

The cooler measures 30.7 inches long, 14.25 inches wide and 12.8 inches tall. It features the red-colored 1965 VW Samba Deluxe prototype which is considered the most expensive VW T1. One satisfied customer wrote:

“This was purchased as a gift for a VW driving and loving friend. It’s a great cooler and will definitely be put to plenty of use this upcoming spring and summer.”

You can get yours here.

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