Confessions From People Who Have Killed Someone

Unfortunately, there are many people that are thrusted into life changing situations each day. We are all told to be cautious and aware of the dangers out there, but many of us never actually think something bad will happen to us, until it does. Here we have a list of confessions from people who have killed someone in self defense. Despite simply wanting to protect their own lives, many of these people feel overwhelming guilt. Take a look…
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Well, this was an intense story…

Sometimes we’ll do anything to take the memories away. 

This must feel like a heavy burden to bear alone. 

It’s a big thing to cope with but you saved lives. You are a hero. 

Why should he leave you? You did nothing wrong! 

You did what you had to do to protect yourself and your wife. 

He chose to attack you. It’s not your fault. 

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It’s not always simple moving on from something. 

A fresh start can change everything. 

They don’t need to know. It’s your choice what you say or don’t say. 

This fear is natural, however, maybe therapy could help you overcome it.

He made a decision that sadly cost him his life. 

Going through something like this at such a young age is awful. 

This is understandable. We all want to avoid reminders of painful events.