This Man Is Letting People Stay For Free On His Private Island To Help Develop Their Creative Ideas

What if you obtain a creative grant in the form of free stays on a private island named Ideas Island. Wouldn’t you feel more inspired to get your ideas working and coming to life?

You can realize the very best of your ideas by simply enjoying your free time — without any distraction. When this happens, you can finally bring those ideas to life. And yet, this is one of those cases which are easy to say, but never easy to do.

As usual, your typical daily life can steal your time away from creative thinking. Fortunately, though, there’s at least one person who has allowed us to let our ideas flow simply. Guess who? Well, it’s Frederick Haren, the Swedish global keynote speaker, who gives away such a fantastic gift. To be specific, Haren offers free stays at a private island. His purpose? To get your creative projects started.

interior stay ideas island creative grant

So, Haren’s private place is called Ideas Island. It’s located near Stockholm, and it is where people can enjoy a creative grant involving one week of stay — for free! If you could convince Haren that your project is worth more time to work on, you could even extend your stay there! How wonderful it is to know that generous people such as Haren has thought of creating projects like this! By the way, he is also staying in another private island, just nearby, for several months in a year.

Interested in coming to the Ideas Island to get yourself a creative grant? Well, just go there via a rowboat. It’s open to artistic guests like you every summer. If your application has been granted, you can even bring friends — the island welcomes up to 6 people each time!

Again, it’s just free to stay on the island (as Haren’s is a non-profit organization). But, they’d also appreciate it if you could give a donation to their chosen charity.

interior stay ideas island creative grant

As they mention on their website:

“We want to help create an environment that helps to bring some great ideas to life. And we all know that truly great ideas come when we are in solitude, when we are relaxed, when we are close to nature and when we feel in tune with the universe.”

All year-round, the Ideas Island Creative Grant is open for applications. Typically, though, they’d announce the year’s winners around February to March.

Now, do you think you need to be an out-of-this-world creative just to win the grant? Well, you don’t have to. Applying for the creative grant is pretty straightforward! The founder, Haren, wants to spread the opportunity to as many people as possible. Yes, his islands’ maintenance costs are sky-high. But, that only proves that this investment of his is indeed a gift to all artists out there.

One of the former guests, Bastian Döhling of The Insight Bureau, testifies the following concerning his experience in the island:

“Ideas Island is great to sit down and think but also to be active and to explore. This place is like oxygen for the mind, it inspires [you] to think, exchange ideas, and to imagine the future.”

Are you still hesitating? Applications are now open for the summer of 2020. Let your creative genius find its haven in this welcoming island!

Ideas Island, founded by Frederick Haren, is a private oasis located near Stockholm.

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You can visit the island through a rowboat.

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rowboat ideas island creative grant


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Haren gives a creative grant of a week-long stay for a winning applicant who wants to develop his artistic ideas without distractions.

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Check out this video of Frederick Haren, explaining why spending time on an island alone can help you stay on top of your creativity.

Source: Ideas Island