This All-In-One ‘Winter Trapper Hat’ Features A Mask, Scarf And Sunglasses

Keep yourself protected from the cold weather and protect others from the Coronavirus by wearing this winter trapper hat every time you go outside. With everything that’s happening right now, all we want for Christmas is for everyone to get through this global pandemic safely. Getting back to normal is still out of reach as of the moment. And all we can do for now is practice protective measures. But we’re here to help you adapt to the new normal easily.

We’ve found this winter hat that works four ways. It works as a winter hat, googles, a mask and as a scarf. So, it does not only keep your head warm in cold weather but it also stops you from spreading coronavirus. It is made up of separate pieces that can be connected together using snap buttons. The winter hat piece covers the entire head and it also has fold-down sunglasses just in case you want to cover your eyes. It comes with a mask piece that you can attach to the hat if you want to cover your entire face. The last piece is the scarf that you can attach to the hat with a zipper.


Winter Trapper Hat

winter trapper hat black

The three separate pieces are all made from polyester and cotton with an added thermal plush inside to effectively keep the head and neck warm. You can opt to just wear the winter hat on its own, the mask on its own or the scarf on its own as all these pieces are detachable. It comes in a one-size-fits-all with a very comfortable stretch fabric that can fit kids and adults alike. It is available in colors black, beige, grey, navy blue and yellow.

winter trapper hat


thermal headwear with googles mask scarf


winter trapper hat ways of wearing


winter trapper hat gray


winter trapper hat beige detachable pieces


winter trapper hat yellow

Wearing all the pieces together may make you look like a character from a post-apocalyptic movie. But hey, nothing is too out of the ordinary during these uncertain times, right? This thermal winter hat is the ideal headwear for winter cycling, skiing or any outdoor activities.

thermal headwear 3-in-1


thermal headwear black


winter trapper hat navy blue


thermal outdoor cap gray


thermal headwear one size fits all


thermal headwear beige

Source: Walmart