Lofthouse Has Pineapple Whip Sugar Cookies

It’s such a bummer that we still can’t live life to the fullest this summer. The pandemic situation is still ongoing and getting more and more worrisome as days go by. As the threat continues to linger around us, the chances of us going on a trip to a Disney Park or some exotic tropical getaway remains nil. But just because you can’t go to Orlando or Anaheim to grab a Dole Whip or witness or experience their rides and attractions doesn’t mean summer is cancelled. In fact, Lofthouse is bringing major summer vibes with their new Pineapple Whip Sugar Cookies.

Dole Whip is, with a doubt, one of the Disney Park’s most famous food options. Every Disney Park regular will agree that the non-dairy, pineapple-flavored soft serve is the perfect thing to cool off with after having fun under the sun. Given its popularity, it’s no surprise that other businesses have incorporated the summery treat into their own seasonal menus. Take Taco Bell for example. But if you’re looking to jazz up your summer cookie stash, then these new Pineapple Whip Sugar Cookies are definitely a shoo-in! Who would’ve thought pineapple whip would make its way on top of a sugar cookie?


Lofthouse is offering Pineapple Whip Sugar Cookies this summer

Instagram user @tamislock is the first to spot the summery sugar cookies in-store. From her post, we can see that the new sugar cookies come topped with bright yellow frosting and yellow, white, brown and green sprinkles. With all these vibrant colors the Pineapple Whip Sugar Cookies will be hard to miss for sure! As usual, each pack includes 10 cookies. So if you know that 10 Pineapple Whip Sugar Cookies won’t be enough, better buy more. You’ll never know how long they will be available in-store!

Those with peanut or nut allergies can also indulge in these summery sugar cookies. The brand assures us that they are made in a peanut- and nut-free facility. We’re definitely looking forward to tasting this summery pineapple whip-flavored treat!