Comics Depicts Differences Of Home-Based Job vs Office-Based Job

Depending on your preference of work setting, you can now choose to work from home or work at an office. While both settings have their own pros and cons, it’s essential to decide which of these two fits you better. Being comfortable and satisfied with your work environment can enhance your performance and disposition at work. If you’re looking for a job, this post can really help you decide which job offer to pursue. Nothing can explain the details better than graphic illustrations. James Chapman depicts the differences between having a home-based job vs office-based job through this comics-illustration.



For office workers, morning routine can be a hassle. You’ll need to get up 2 hours prior working hours and go through the morning rush hour to get at work in time. On the other hand, home-based workers can get up exactly at the start of working hours, pour a coffee, turn on the computer, and start working. All without the morning hassle.

James Chapman

Time flexibility is a double-edged sword. Office workers observe fixed-time protocol that liberates them from work after working hours. So when they get home, they don’t need to think about work. Meanwhile, freelancers do not observe any particular work hours. However, they will need to race against time to meet client deadlines. Even if it means working at night without getting sleep.

James Chapman

Evaluate yourself first. Are you a sociable person or an anti-social introvert? If you’re an outgoing type of person, office-based job is the perfect fit for you. Expect to work and interact with plenty of co-workers, superiors, clients, and many more. But if you prefer working alone with minimal social interaction, then working from home is your best option.

James Chapman

Eating alone can be a bit depressing. But if you’re working from home, you certainly have no choice. The same can’t be said for office workers who get to share their lunch with their friends and colleagues at the office.

James Chapman

Differences working from home vs office



In every office setting, dress code should always be strictly observed. It’s only sensible to dress in business attire because they need to look presentable in front of other people they work with. On the contrary, working from home allows anyone to wear anything they want. Be it a dumb-looking rabbit pajamas or cosplay costumes, anything goes for a freelancer.

James Chapman

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately for freelancers, every day feels the same. No holidays, no merriment, no Christmas parties. How sad could that be?

James Chapman

Checking your social media during work hours can seriously get you in trouble. If you really need to open your Facebook or Twitter account, just make sure no one is looking. Meanwhile, working from home allows you to luxuriate in freedom. However, distractions may decrease productivity. So make sure you don’t abuse your freedom and learn to manage your time if you prefer to work from home.

James Chapman

Silence must be observed at all times in the office. This is to avoid any distractions and unnecessary noises during work. But if you’re working from home, you can play your favorite music while working, and you can sing along too.

James Chapman