There’s Now A Cadbury’s Creme Egg Trifle And It Looks Delicious

Who’s ready for the Cadbury’s Creme Egg Trifle? We’ve just started the New Year but why does it feel like it’s Easter already? Part of this is mostly because Easter-themed treats are popping up as early as January. And no, we’re not complaining about it. In fact, we’re loving it. Maltesers started off by launching its White Chocolate Easter Egg and Oreo followed with its Easter Egg-shaped cookies. Now, Cadbury is bringing back its Layers of Joy Eggciting Trifle. Yes, you can get this seasonal offering and get a taste of Easter as early as now.

The trifle has been returning to the shelves every Easter season since its debut in March 2016. And since the Easter competition has kicked off early this year, the chocolate company decided to bring back its seasonal treat earlier than expected. Apparently, our craving for Crème Eggs can’t wait any longer. So, Cadbury is actually doing us a big favor here.

cadbury's creme egg trifle 550g


As the name suggests, this seasonal treat features layers of goodness that will surely make all dessert lovers happy. It has a delicious layer of Cadbury milk chocolate dessert, chocolate chip cookie and chocolate mousse. The yummy trifle is also topped with a layer of fondant dessert based on the creamy filling of the Crème Eggs. With every scoop of Cadbury’s Creme Egg, you’ll get to enjoy layers of chocolatey and creamy goodness.

layers of joy eggciting

Where Can You Buy The Trifle?

Cadbury’s Creme Egg Trifle is now available in Asda and Tesco stores. You can also buy these mouthwatering treats online. No need to wait until March because these yummy treats are giving us all the reason to celebrate Easter early.

Source: Asda | Sainsburys