Adorably Angry Cats That Have Had Enough Of The World

Everyone knows that cats are incredibly perceptive and intelligent creatures. They are fully capable of interpreting and displaying emotions. Aside from the loving ones, our absolute favorite type of cats have to be the angry ones. Here we have a hilarious and adorable selection of angry cats that you need to see. Many look the way they do due to their coat patterns and bold eyes, leaving them looking permanently irritated, but, we prefer to imagine all of the reasons that they are fuming with the world. Take a look!

Those eyes look straight into your soul!

Fire filled eyes paired with a huge fluffy coat equals adorable demon cat.

This cat is judging you.

Plotting to take over the world requires a serious face. 

‘Why won’t these creatures leave me alone?’

When your parent is about to tell you off…

angry cats fed up


This is Albert. Albert is not impressed.

‘I’m watching you’.

angry cats im watching you


This is Atchoum and he has hypertrichosis. ‘Hairy not scary’!

When it’s so damn cold you can’t take it…

‘Someone will pay for this…’

This wet cat is trying to figure out who to claw when it finally gets indoors.

angry cats wet cat


If Monday was a facial expression…

angry cats white kitten


This is Loki. We can’t get enough of those fangs! 

This is Lilly. Doesn’t she have beautiful, crazy eyes?