This Awesome DIY Bed Looks Like It’s Levitating Off The Ground

It really is amazing what certain people can create with a little planning and creativity. Most people who aren’t used to building things tend to think any project would be really difficult, but, here we have something that would be easy to replicate! Thanks to Reddit user ‘pocketfullofboner’, you can see how to make your own bed frame that not only looks like it levitates, but also glows wonderfully! The project was only meant to take a weekend but ended up taking 4 days. Still, though, we’re super impressed! We definitely couldn’t do it that quickly. Take a look and prepare to be amazed!

Here are the basic frame plans.

The base frame was composed of 2″ x 8″ pieces of wood and the top frame was made up of 2″x 4″ pieces. 

Laying out the frame…

It’s starting to come together!

Next, the head board needed to be attached. 

Which was compose of 1″ x 6″ pieces secured to 2″ x 6″ pieces.

Everything has now been sanded and is ready for stain to be applied.

levitating bed sandedImgur

What a difference!

We love the shade.

A 24 ft LED rope was used underneath the bed frame.

We did not expect it to look like this!

Here is the finished product in the day light and in a bedroom setting.

We need one of these in our lives!

And, it looks even more incredible in the darkness. Awesome!