Cool Home Inventions You Never Knew You Needed Until Now

Modern technology has made life a whole lot easier for us, especially if have some cool home inventions around the place! However, there is always room for improvements in any home. Check out this list of cool home inventions you never knew you needed until now!

Mini Power Charger

This miniature portable charger will fit in even the smallest of bags and can be bought from convenience stores. Plus, you can choose from 3 kinds of charging capacity: 2 hours, 4 hours and 6 hours.

Mini Iron

This mini iron is perfect for traveling. It fits in your hand luggage so you can iron those creases away anytime, anywhere.

Illuminated Shower Head

This features a temperature indicator so you’ll know if it’s hot or cold. Hydro-powered so no need to charge. Home inventions at their finest!

Two-Way Toothpaste

Invented by Dominic Wilcox, this two-way toothpaste lets you easily squeeze out that last drop of paste at the bottom.

Overlapping Curtain Tracks

Ensures no light can come through in the middle for better and longer sleep.

Multi-Functional Bed

Works as a bed, sofa and work space. This multi-functional bed is equipped with storage, a lamp and an audio system. The perfect furniture to get for those with limited floor space or if you simply don’t want to get out of bed.

Portable Nightlight

This color-changing night lamp from Boon has portable glowing balls you can use if you need to go somewhere at night. In addition, they don’t get warm or break, and they fade to dark after 30 minutes helping children sleep (and keep monsters away!).

Butterfly Keyboard

Keyboardio is a modernized take of the classic keyboard which allows you to keep your hands in a natural position when typing thanks to the layout based on your fingers. The perfect product for office workers.

Digital Coin Bank

This coin bank counts the money inside and totals up your savings so you’re always updated how much money you’ve saved.

Heated Mirror

A part of the mirror heats up to prevent condensation.

Amazing products every house needs!

Double-Sided Lamp

A lamp that can be half-lit which is perfect for rooms with two beds.

Multi-functional Quadopod + Clamp

The Keizus Quadopod + Clamp is made to serve any purpose; as a phone stand or as a clamp that can be attached to the back of your car’s seat for holding your gadgets.

Automatic Folding Sunglasses

The Hilx Unfold glasses allows hassle-free unfolding and folding within seconds. A cool gadget that will be perfect on vacation!

Smart Bed

Sleep Number adjusts to your body temperature, level of comfort, firmness and support and can even serve as your alarm clock in the morning. The ultimate home invention we all need!

Buckle-Free Belt

This unisex belt saves you time, is invisible under your clothes and won’t bulge so you look great whilst feeling comfortable.