Protect Your Garden From Animal Intruders By Setting Up Motion Activated Sprinklers To Fire Warning Squirts

Every garden owner knows the frustration when animal intruders sneak at night and invade their gardens. Rabbits, squirrels, skunks, and geese are the usual culprits. Surprisingly, these wily animals certainly know when to attack a garden. When everyone is peacefully sleeping in the dead of night, that’s their perfect chance to ransack the tempting plants on your backyard. Not just these small creatures but even foxes, coyotes and deer can enter your garden when you’re not around. Even your own cats and dogs are guilty of ravaging your plants every now and then. So, how can we deter these animals from getting near our gardens? Here’s the perfect solution – this motion activated sprinkler will surely scare any animals away from your garden.

scarecrow motion activated sprinkler animal repellent

This device isn’t your ordinary water sprinkler, although it looks and functions like one. In fact, it acts more like a scarecrow. This innovative animal repellent has a built-in sensor that can detect movements within its 36 feet radius. When an animal intruder steps into its radius, the motion activated sprinkler makes a sudden noise and sprays water right into the intruder’s direction. Both the alarming sound and the water spray will surely scare them away. You can also connect the sprinklers together to expand their radius and guard larger spaces.

scarecrow motion activated sprinkler


scarecrow motion activated sprinkler animal deterrent

This motion activated sprinkler is powered by a 9-volt battery that can last for up to 6 months. And before animal rights group begin condemning this product, let us explain beforehand that this sprinkler gives off a harmless burst of water. The sudden spray of water is enough to scare them away and not to hurt them. As a matter of fact, this method is much safer than using harmful chemicals and netting fences as deterrents. Simply attach the device to a garden hose and let it spray all your worries away. You can finally sleep with ease at night or leave the house with peace of mind.

scarecrow motion activated sprinkler garden hose


scarecrow motion activated sprinkler stakes


scarecrow motion activated sprinkler set up


scarecrow motion activated sprinkler installation


scarecrow motion activated sprinkler packaging

Protect your garden day and night from destructive animals with this smart motion activated sprinkler. You can buy this scarecrow water sprinkler here. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“My stupid neighbors don’t obey the leash laws, and let their pets roam free. I was constantly having to clean cat and dog mess from my yard. So I figured I would give the scarecrow [sprinkler] a try. Works great, the scarecrow blasts them point blank in the face with water. The dogs haven’t been in my yard since. My neighbors are mad though, because their dogs are now messing in their own yard.”

Watch the Motion Activated Sprinkler in action