Build-A-Bear Have Added A ‘Jumbo Snorlax’ To Their Pokémon Range

I think I speak for everyone who grew up in the 90’s when I say that Pokémon defines our generation. We lived for Ash’s adventures with his best friend and beloved Pikachu. We saved our allowances for the cards, games, and toys. Yep, we loved Pokémon all right. And our love has definitely bolstered Pokémon into becoming one of the biggest media franchises in history. The brand is no stranger to collaborations. We’ve definitely enjoyed a generous stream of merchandise from the brand over the years. And this year, our Pokémon collection’s about to get another addition in the form of Build-A-Bear’s Snorlax plush!

A little boy getting Build-A-Bear's Snorlax


Build-A-Bear’s Snorlax plush is every sleep-loving Pokémon fan’s dream come true



“Catch the biggest Zzzz’s ever when you add jumbo-sized Snorlax to your Pokémon lineup! Its jumbo 24 in. size makes this extra-large Build-A-Bear Snorlax one of the most snuggle-worthy Pokémon around!”


Build-A-Bear's Snorlax wearing a blue night robe

As a young child, you’ve probably imagined how heavenly it would be to sleep on this tubby Pokémon monster’s belly. These days, you can even get yourself a Snorlax bed. But if you don’t really have the space for it, then this cuddly plush from Build-A-Bear is your best bet.

The jumbo Snorlax is the latest addition to the plush toy brand’s Pokémon collection, which currently includes: Pikachu, Pichu, Squirtle, Snubble, Eevee, Meowth and a regular-sized Snorlax. Measuring an impressive 24-inches (60 centimeters), this jumbo plush version of the docile normal-type Pokémon guarantees the best snooze fests ever.


This giant plush comes with adorable bedtime accessories

Build-A-Bear's Snorlax undressed

Build-A-Bear’s Snorlax plush is currently offered in an exclusive bundle that will set you back $99.50. The exclusive bundle includes the plush Pokémon, an outfit consisting of a robe and sleeping cap, and an exclusive Build-A-Bear Workshop Snorlax Pokémon TCG Card.

Build-A-Bear's Snorlax robe and sleeping cap


Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Snorlax Pokémon TCG Card

On the other hand, if you’re just after the jumbo Snorlax plush, it’s also available for only $70. However, no matter which deals you decide to get, you’ll still need to pay an additional $5 for shipping, since “a jumbo-sized Snorlax requires jumbo packaging.” Officially, Snorlax weighs about 1014.1 lbs but we’re pretty sure its plush counterpart won’t weigh quite that much.

Fans of the series in the UK and US can get these with next day delivery, if you don’t really have the time to weave through the traffic of holiday shoppers. Get the jumbo Snorlax plush here. We wouldn’t mind collapsing onto this plush cutie’s belly after a long day.


Fans have already started getting the jumbo plush, so you’d better hurry


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