Jill The Squirrel Was Rescued From Hurricane Isaac And Refuses To Go To Sleep Without Her Teddy

Adorable pets are taking over Instagram. And if you haven’t followed Jill the Squirrel yet then you’re missing out on a lot. As far as popularity is concerned, it is to be expected that dogs and cats would have a tight competition for the Instagram throne. But truth be told, it seems like dogs are winning the Instagram battle. Jiffpom (a brown Pomeranian dog) has been hailed the most popular pet on Instagram with the most number of followers. Well, cat lovers shouldn’t sulk because the 2nd spot belongs to Nala the Cat. While the top 10 pet celebrities are mostly dogs, there is one among them that was really unexpected. Holding the 6th spot is an adorable squirrel with Instagram handle, this_girl_is_a_squirrel.

Meet Jill the Squirrel, the most famous squirrel on Instagram

jill the squirrel loves her teddy bear

So, what makes this cute squirrel unique from other pet celebrities on Instagram? Jill the Squirrel was rescued from hurricane Isaac after it hit Louisiana in August 2012. According to her owners, she fell out of her nest during the store, so they had to take her home temporarily and take care of her. She ended up loving her new home and the family was happy to keep her as a pet. She is now 7 years old and has really come a long way since then – from rescue squirrel to an internet superstar.

instagram pet influencer squirrel

Jill the Squirrel has loving owners, as evidenced by her lavish lifestyle. She celebrates her birthdays, wears fashionable little outfits, enjoys delicious snacks, and even goes on vacation with her family.

jill the squirrel 6th birthday


instagram pet influencer fashion


this_girl_is_a_squirrel cool shades


jill the squirrel fashionista pet


this_girl_is_a_squirrel wig


jill the squirrel internet star


jill the squirrel tiny laptop


pet influencer with bunny ears

And just like any other kids her age, Jill the Squirrel also has a favorite toy. Based from the photos on her Instagram page, it seems that she and her teddy bear are inseparable. The cute squirrel is so attached to her stuffed animal that she can’t even sleep without it. An adorable squirrel cuddling a miniature teddy bear; nothing can be cuter than that.

Take a look at some of her photos together with her cuddly teddy bear. We hope you can handle this cuteness overload!

jill the squirrel with her teddy bear


jill the squirrel napping with her teddy bear


jill the squirrel teddy bear

Source: Instagram