15 People Who Found Clever Ways To Quit Their Jobs With Style

It’s nice to have a job and make a living to secure your future. But when you feel like you’re being abused or your employer doesn’t give you what you deserve, it might be time to quit your job. If this is the conclusion you reach, when you turn in your resignation letter, make sure that you leave a lasting impression they’ll never forget. Just like these people who decided to walk away from their bosses with their heads held high and found clever ways to quit their jobs with style.

Let the whole world know you quit.

Hard cash for a hard work.

One fast-food crew is having a good laugh while walking home.

You can almost feel the frustration of the retail worker.

Not all resignation letter leaves a sour taste.

A computer programmer left this note to his co-workers. It’s game over, Mario!

Sally must really hate her job.

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As a sign of gratitude…

And the dinosaur bids farewell…

For those who want to quit their jobs with style, use a pun humor.

Homer Simpson can’t hide his excitement.

This guy posted pictures of himself in random places of the office to remind his co-workers of him.

Using the real purpose of price tags.

I’ve read so many clever resignation letters but this one takes the cake.

One of my co-workers quit today. We found this on his desktop.