People Share Their Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas And They Don’t Disappoint

Halloween 2020 has just concluded and despite the lingering pandemic scare, it was a smashing success. We’re pretty sure you also had a blast and are already looking forward to next year’s spooky season. So, we’ve collected the most creative Halloween costume ideas to give you some inspirations for the next Halloween.

There are a few things that set this year’s Halloween apart from the previous years. Obviously, the pandemic has the entire world making adjustments to the new ‘normal’. Social distancing, obligatory wearing of face masks, frequent hand washing, and other protective measures are strictly advised to reduce the risk of transmission. Until an effective vaccine is available, we will continue to live by these practices and restrictions. But this doesn’t mean that festivities, including Halloween and Christmas, are cancelled. And as you might have seen, the spooky season went off without a hitch in the new ‘normal’.


Creative Halloween Costume Ideas


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Despite the pandemic, people still went trick-or-treating and threw parties with their Halloween costumes on, all while observing social distancing. In the end, everyone showed that nothing, not even the deadliest virus, can hinder a resolute willpower. Watching kids and adults walk around in creepy and funny outfits, it was a great distraction from all the mishaps we’re facing now. Seeing people trying to get back to normal life somehow sparks a ray of hope within us.


“9-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Dresses Up As Beetlejuice For Halloween”

boy with cerebral palsy beetlejuice halloween costume ideas


“Daughter Becomes Dad As Costume”

girl dresses up as her dad


“My Son Is 4 With Cerebral Palsy. Every Year My Amazing Wife Builds Him A Costume To Go On His Wheelchair. He’s Been Obsessed With Polar Express So This Year He Went As A Train Engineer. Woo Woo!”

wheelchair polar express outfit


“My Heart Melt When This Popped Up On My Feed”

presidential guard funny outfit


“Tripod Got My Vote At The Costume Contest”

three-legged dog dressed up as tripod


“Halloween At The Office”

halloween costume ideas jurassic office


“Best Halloween Duo I’ve Seen This Year”

funny halloween costume ideas couple outfit


“My 6 Year Old Sister Wanted To Be Coraline For Halloween And For Me To Accompany Her As The Other Mother. Here Is Our Result!”

coraline and other mother cosplay


“No, No. Too Scary For Me”

cute dog dressed up as ghost


“This Kid’s ‘Tired Mom’ Costume”

girl dressed up as tired mom


“My High School Art Teacher’s Amazing Van Gogh Costume”

art teacher van gogh look


“My Nephew Had A Six-Hour Heart Surgery The Day Before Halloween. This Is How They Solved His Walking Restriction For Trick Or Treating”

girl post surgery hannibal lecter outfit


“She Even Giggles When You Poke Her Belly Button”

cute baby dressed up as pillsbury mascot


“I Was Asked ‘Why Didn’t You Dress Up For Halloween?'”

halloween costume ideas wednesday addams


“My Daughter’s Preschool Had A Costume Party Last Halloween. There Were 9 Princesses, 2 Super Heroes, And 1 Garbage Truck. She Was The Garbage Truck”

little girl in garbage truck outfit


“She Refused To Smile The Entire Time In Costume”

halloween costume ideas gomez and wednesday addams family


“We Won The Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Halloween Costume Challenge”

stand-up and cant stand-up comedians


“My Wife Was In An Accident About 2 Months Ago Resulting In A Severe Brain Injury. We Thought We’d Make The Most Of The Situation”

halloween costume ideas scooby doo and friends


“Freddy Mercury Halloween Costume”

halloween costume ideas freddy mercury


“Created A Mask Of My Face For Halloween”

halloween costume ideas peeled off face


“Some Cop In My Hometown Winning Halloween”

cop wearing pig nose funny gag


“My Best Friend Handmade A Skunk Costume For My Kid’s First Halloween”

baby in skunk outfit


“My Daughters As Maria And Luigia”

sisters in mario and luigi outfits


“I Told A Kid In My Neighborhood I Loved His Costume. He Replied With Asking Me If I Would ‘Bite His Shiny Metal Butt'”

funny halloween costume ideas


“I Don’t Know Whose Kid This Is But I Love This Costume”


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“Some Girls Want To Be Disney Princesses For Halloween. Others Walk A Different Path… It’s The Expression That Really Sells It”

halloween costume ideas cruella de vil


“My Nephew Was Bob Ross For Halloween”

boy dressed up as bob ross


“For Her First Halloween, She Became A Free Elf”

funny dog cosplay dobby harry potter


“My Friend Won The Halloween Costume Contest. Are You Surprised?”

north korean leader lookalike


“What A Fun Guy. Get It. Fun Guy”


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“I Made An Ewok Costume For My Daughter”

halloween costume ideas ewok star wars


“My First Halloween As A Double Below The Knee Amputee. Forrest Gump And Lieutenant Dan”

knee amputee dressed up as lieutenant dan forrest gump


“Straight Outta Hell”

couple creepy mummy outfits


“Just Wanna Brag On My Girlfriend’s Son. He Killed It As Eleven, This Year”

halloween costume ideas eleven stranger things


“Joker: The Beginning”

halloween costume ideas joker kid


“I Figured Out How To Use A Sewing Machine And Made My Son A Jawa Costume”

halloween costume ideas jawa star wars


“Best Costume At My Office Today. The TV Rolls Around”

woman dressed up as sadako


“My Lara Croft Cosplay”

realistic lara croft cosplay


“My Halloween Costume Is A Band-Aid”

band aid halloween costume ideas


“Some Makeup And Scar Putty Turned Me Into The Nightmare Version Of My Favorite Emoji”

upside down head


“No One Knew Who He Was… Either We’re Too Old Or The Costume Sucks…”

home alone bad guy cosplay

Hopefully, we’ll have a coronavirus-free Halloween next year. So, it won’t hurt to look forward to it and go all out when it comes. And to help you rock Halloween 2021, we’ve got you this awesome list of creative Halloween costume ideas. From blood-curdling makeup ideas to hilarious outfits, you can opt to strike terror into hearts or make everyone laugh. It’s your choice to make. Need more inspirations? Check out our previous post about the coolest Halloween costumes.