These Tiny Embroidered Animals Are Beyond Cute


If you need an injection of cute into your day, you have to check out these adorable embroidered animals made by Chloe Giordano. The artist, who is based in Oxford, England, painstakingly embroiders these creations, many of which are hardly bigger than her sewing thimble. Despite their tiny size, these cute creatures are embroidered with amazing attention to detail and colors so rich that you might find yourself thinking that you're looking at a real sleeping fawn or hopping songbird. If you consider yourself an Anglophile, you'll love these even more, as the wildlife featured in the embroideries is quintessentially British. Chloe occasionally has original pieces for sale, but they can be quite pricey, due to their labor-intensive nature. However, you can also purchase stunning prints of her work. Check out hr website for more information. 

Website: Chloe Giordano












We'd love to own one of these original pieces of embroidery, but might have to settle for a print or two. Either way, these creatures are gorgeous. 


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