Oreo Is Releasing Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies Early 2021

Did you know that instead of dunking their Oreo cookie in a tall glass of milk, some genius chocolate lovers have been dipping theirs in Nutella instead? Apparently, it’s been a pretty popular combo for Oreo cookie monsters for some time now… And it may or may not have something to do with the short-lived appearance of the Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo cookies back in 2018. In any case, if you had the chance to snack on that particular limited-edition offering and have since longed to relive its hazelnut-y goodness all over again, Mondelez has some awesome news for you: the Chocolate Hazelnut variety is coming back. And it’s probably the chocolatiest Oreo cookies can get!

Okay – so Nabisco didn’t exactly say that the Oreo cookies are made with Nutella. But can you really think of anything else but Nutella when you see the words chocolate and hazelnut put together? Ferrero’s chocolate spread masterpiece is so good it can go with virtually anything your sweet tooth can dream up and more! Of course, the classic Oreo cookie with its vanilla crème center will always have a special place in our snack stash. But a fully chocolatey Oreo is definitely a treat we won’t be able to resist!




Chocolate lovers will love the upcoming Oreo Chocolate Hazelnut cookies

In 2018, the limited-edition batch featured a chocolate hazelnut center in between golden cookies. This time around, the 2021 version will have the brand’s signature chocolate cookies. Chocolate cookie lovers can definitely look forward to some interesting cocoa flavors. And according to the teaser photo of the upcoming treat, its crème is made with real cocoa. So, we can probably rule out the possibility of this offering coming with a waxy crème.



As of writing, Nabsico has yet to make an official announcement about their upcoming offerings. All we know for now is that the Nutella-inspired Oreos will be hitting shelves alongside the Java Chip variety. And another thing we’re glad to report now is that this won’t be a limited-edition offering anymore. Apparently, this chocolatey Oreo offering will be joining the permanent lineup! So now you’ve got a few more reasons to look forward to the next year! Dare we say that this is the perfect treat for Hotella Nutella winners during their stay at the Nutella-themed hotel? We think so!


The 2018 version came sandwiched between Golden Oreo cookies