The Most Stuf Oreo Is Back This Winter

It’s hard knock life for those of us that like the creme filling of the Oreos more than the cookies. Earlier this year, Oreos made every crème-lover’s dream come true with the release of The Most Stuf Oreo. The limited edition Oreo variety featured four times as much filling than the original variety. Unfortunately, the crème-lovers’ bliss was cut short when The Most Stuf Oreo slowly disappeared from the shelves. But we’ve got wonderful news – it’s coming back!

Attendees of the National Association of Convenience Stores Expo in Atlanta were more than pleasantly surprised to find the super crème-filled Oreo cookies’ reappearance. Snaps of the coveted Most Stuf Oreo immediately spread like wildfire on Instagram. Unfortunately, it appears that it will only be released as a limited-edition item again. Because honestly, if this became a permanent item on the Oreo lineup, this is all we’re ever going to buy.

big oreos
Snack Betch


On October 4, Oreo finally addressed the elated fans. According to the company, these crème dreams will be hitting shelves this winter. Unfortunately Nabisco didn’t disclose the exact details of this much anticipated re-release. They’re certainly keeping us all at the edge of our seats! If you haven’t had the chance to try the Most Stuf Oreo during its first run, then this your second chance. You’d better not waste it!

The sugar high is already beginning to rise in the food community of Instagram. Some are suggesting that the epic Oreo cookies may drop sometime at the beginning of next year. Others are wagering that maybe we won’t have to wait until 2020 to get our crème fix.

Aside from the re-launch of the Most Stuf Oreo, the company has also hinted that they have some more treats up their sleeve. And we can’t wait to taste everything. Back when it was first introduced to the market, a 13.4oz. pack was available at Walmart for $2.98, hopefully the price doesn’t change when it returns.


Pure perfection. What’s your favorite Oreo cookie? The original, double stuff, the mega, or the most stuf? Tell us all about it in the comments below!