Artist Janie Stapleton Paints Beautiful Pictures Of Animals Using Watercolors


Janie Stapleton was on her way to study at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn when her uncle gave her some life changing advice. He said to stop focusing on art (or anything else) as a career, and instead ask herself "What do you want to see outside every morning?" As a result, Stapleton ran off to live in the woods and be close to nature. She didn't paint at all for three years, but when she picked her brushes back up, it was to paint what she loved. Stapleton's passion for nature really shines through in these stunning watercolors. You see the personalities of these animals and think about their lives. Janie Stapleton is clearly a talent to look out for!
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These watercolors are truly beautiful. If you've enjoyed Janie Stapleton's work, you can buy prints of some of her paintings via her website.

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