People Are Loving These Adorable Upside Down Bear Mugs

Care to have a cuddly bear in your morning cup of Joe? This adorable bear mug will bring a small delight in every sip. Watch as the friendly-looking bear in upside down position comes to life as your pour your favorite drink into it. This double-walled glass features an inner layer of glass in the shape of a bear head. With its crystal clear look, you can clearly see your beverage takes form as it gives color to the cute animal inside the glass.

The bear mug is made of borosilicate glass which is known for its resistance to heat and corrosion. It is also more durable than regular glass. And in addition to its low coefficient of thermal expansion, the material also features optical clarity that can give any shape a smooth and crystal clear finish. Sure, this cute drinking glass has already met our standard for cuteness, durability, and appearance. But can it handle our favorite beverages just like regular drinking glasses could?


Cute Bear Mug

bear mug upside down head

We’re glad to tell you that this charming bear mug won’t disappoint. Just like any double-walled glass, it is made with two layers of protection for better insulation. So, it’s basically a glass within a glass. This keeps beverages maintain their temperature for a longer period of time because the air between the two layers of glasses is sucked out to create a vacuum. Since there is no air to transfer the heat (or cold) into, the content retains its temperature for longer. Furthermore, it keeps your hands protected from the heat (or cold) as you hold the mug in your hands. So as far as handling beverages is concerned, this double-walled glass has more advantages than the regular ones.

upside down bear mug


adorable shape drinking glasses


cute animal shape cup

This bear mug measures 4 inches tall and 3.2 inches wide. It can hold up to 280ml of any beverage of your choice, whether hot or cold. Take note that this food grade glass is not suitable for dishwasher, microwave, or oven. One happy buyer wrote:


“This is hands down my new favorite cup, it’s so cute and I’ve been using it for everything. The two walls also prevent the outside of the cup from becoming too hot if you’re using this for coffee or tea, and it helps the liquid inside warm for a long time.”

cute animal shape glass


upside down bear mug clear glass

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