Lotus Biscoff Now Come In Ice Cream Bar Form And They’re Beyond Good

One thing we can all agree on is that there’s always room for dessert. No matter how stuffed we feel from the main course. It’s like we’ve all got a separate stomach for sweet treats… specially when ice cream’s involved. And if you’re crazy about cookie butter, then you won’t be able to resist these Biscoff Ice Cream Bars! These frozen delights are loaded with speculoos goodness so we’re betting that just one box won’t be enough.

Lotus Biscoff had everyone outside the UK green with envy when they launched their Biscoff ice cream collection last year. Fortunately, the brand heard the agonized pleas of their overseas fans. This led to the brand announcing that they’d be making the creamy frozen treats available in American freezer aisles sometime in July 2019. Overjoyed fans soon began discovering the ice cream bars and pints in their local freezer aisles by October 2019. And it seems that the consumers’ positive response towards the frozen offerings have encouraged Lotus to keep the ice cream bars and pints in steady supply even now.

biscoff ice cream bars


We hope you like cookie butter because these Biscoff Ice Cream Bars are loaded with it

There may be a wide range of ice cream bar choices available for you to choose from, but they can’t compare to the Lotus’ offering. Most ice cream bars typically consist of plain ice cream with a chocolate shell. Brands often mix up this combination by adding some tasty additions, like crushed Pop Tarts to make things more interesting. And these ice cream bar have got loads of speculoos goodness for your taste buds and sweet tooth to revel in.








For starters, instead of the usual vanilla, Lotus is giving us a cookie butter ice cream. An actual layer of cookie butter then coats the ice cream. A Belgian chocolate shell peppered with crunchy Biscoff cookie bits keeps all the speculoos madness together. Talk about indulgent, right? You can choose between a box that contains 3 regular-sized bars or a box with 8 mini bars. Get your speculoos ice cream bars now.


You get cookie butter ice cream coated with actual cookie butter, Belgian chocolate and crushed Biscoff cookies









Look at those gorgeous layers



You can also get a box of 8 mini ice cream bars


Source: Walmart