This Guy Brings Movie Scenes And TV Shows Into The Real World Using Just An Iphone

Many of us watch our favorite films and TV shows and find ourselves wishing that they existed in our reality. History professor Francois Dourlen struggled to find a way to convey what went on in his head. One day, he replaced a statue of Napoleon with a picture of ‘My Little Pony’ and people loved it! Continuing on with this theme, Francois finally found a way to show people the wacky things that went on in his head. Take a look at his awesome images below!
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Dragon Ball Z

Dumb And Dumber

Edward Scissorhands 

Finding Nemo


Harry Potter

Lady And The Tramp

Lord Of The Rings


Super Mario



Saturday Night Fever

We love how creative Francois gets with his shots! For someone that isn’t a professional photographer he has a great talent at timing things perfectly and he clearly has a keen eye for what fits where. When talking about his work, Francois says ‘I continue to take these photos as it amuses me. I do not think it will become my job’. Furthermore he explains that by keeping his unique images as a hobby, he can ‘remain free in his creative efforts’. Keep going to see even more cool photos!


Sideshow Bob

Snow White

Patrick, Spongebob Squarepants

Star Wars


The Aristocats


The Lion King

The Little Mermaid

The Simpsons