Pepsi Pineapple Is A New Tropical Flavor Perfect For Those Summer Vibes

A pineapple-flavored soda sounds like our ultimate summer drink. So, get ready to grab a can of Pepsi Pineapple for a summer like no other. Well, this is actually not the first time the soft drink brand added a dash of fruit juice into its classic cola. About over a year ago, it introduced a lineup of fruity flavors including berry, lime and mango. This year, pineapple is undeniably the fruit of the summer. So, it seems like this new flavor makes the perfect addition to the lineup.

The new pineapple flavor was first released in Japan last year. Yes folks, that’s the same country which introduced the Coca-Cola Strawberry to the world. Well, you might have heard that the strawberry Coke is now available in the US. And the news probably left fans wondering if they can also have the pineapple flavor to. Well, considered that prayer answered because PepsiCo is finally bringing the fruity flavor to the US.


Pepsi Pineapple

We’re not sure whether this US version has the same recipe as Japan’s. But one thing is for sure, we’ll be trying this drink because we love Pepsi and we love fruity flavors. And we’re pretty sure they would perfectly complement each other’s flavors for a refreshing sip. Just like the previous fruit-flavored versions, this one also comes in a 12-oz can. You can get them in a pack containing 8 cans. People have been spotting this new flavor at Walmart. So now you know where your next destination is.