14 DIY Ideas For Organizing Jewelry That You Will Love


Ever found that your jewelry seems to jump out of your jewelry box and end up all over the counter, in a huge mess? Do you ever have trouble finding the pair to your favorite earrings because your jewelry is in such a disorganized state? Messy jewelry is not only an eyesore in your bedroom it's also a pain in the neck when you are trying to find a certain piece. Invest in a cool and creative way to store your jewelry. Not only will it look nice, but it will save you the panic of trying to find the right pieces when in a hurry to step out the door. Check out these 14 ideas below…


Handy ring and bracelet display. Use a mannequin hand or create your own out of plaster!


Upcycle an old nuts and bolts organizer!


Buy a cheese grater and spray paint it to use as an earring holder.


Make a cool geometric design on a piece of wood by using masking tape on the wood, then spray painting it, before removing the masking tape. Easy!


Simply buy a plank of wood and some assorted hooks, paint them whatever colors you feel and voila, you have this cool jewelry organizer. Also great for keys and purses.


It's easy to create this cool antique holder. Simply buy an antique tea cup, and stack with cereal bowls or condiment holders in between. Glue if you wish!


This awesome design is as easy as staining some blocks of wood and fastening thin gold rods onto them, before fastening to the wall!


Why not create a wooden bust to hold all your pretty things. Instructions here.


You could repurpose an old spice rack to hold your jewelry. Like so!



For a great DIY earring holder, find an old frame at a thrift shop, then fasten a layer of lace to the back. 


An old rake can make for a cool looking vintage jewelry holder. 


All you need for this cool holder is a piece of wood, some chalkboard paint and a few nice-looking knobs to stick on it. Then simply decorate with a favorite phrase or mantra.


Use stencils on mini cork boards to create this look. 


This design is really easy to make. Simply find some old animal toys, cut them in half, and super glue to a piece of painted wood.

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