35 Fascinating Things People Have Found On The Beach

Filling 71% of the Earth, the oceans are a fantastic mass of waters that support countless marine lives and contain all sorts of things we really have no idea about. Somehow, though, we get clues from what’s beyond the deepest that we can reach when items get washed off on the shore. Some individuals are even lucky enough to find interesting beach things and have made a regular hobby for themselves of doing so.

These people, like any of us who are non-official explorers of the deep sea, will simply go down and walk along a beach. It’s fun to be on beaches, anyway. But, you can actually see more than what meets your eye if you keep them open most of the time.

Whether washed up by accident or purposefully thrown by people, these little to massive kinds of interesting beach things you can call treasures are fascinating to behold. Read on and keep scrolling so you’d know what these beach treasures really look like, and see if you’d like to join in the hobby of discovering more of them!

1. What I Found At A Local Dog Beach

in loving memory of phoebe - interesting beach things

In BBC’s documentary series called Blue Planet II, David Attenbourgh utters the introductory line in curious fascination:

“Hidden beneath the waves, there are creatures beyond our imagination.”

Indeed, that’s true. Of all the places on Earth, the oceans are still the least explored. Each new year brings us newly discovered deep-sea species. A lot of them are so unusually alien-like that we doubt how they could possibly be real.

Thus far, the record from the World Register of Marine Species shows at least 242,000 different marine species. Each year, the registry adds 2000 more names. But, what if there’s so much more we don’t know yet? Actually, scientists estimate around 300,000 to more than 10 million sea creatures we have yet to discover!

2. Sandcastle With Super Clean Lines And Sides

sandcastle with extremely clean lines - interesting beach things

3. What A Satisfying Pebble!

satisfying pebble - interesting beach things

Many sea creatures (even unknown to us yet) have found a way to avoid human contact. Nevertheless, it seems that distance won’t suffice in keeping our impact on them. For instance, all of the amphipods ever captured from the ocean’s deepest point—the Marianas Trench—had at least one plastic fiber still residing in its stomach. One of the researches published in Royal Society Open Science reveals more of the sad story.

One thought-provoking reality is that for every second, the whole world produces about 10 tons of plastic. Each year, 5 to 15 million tons of plastic end up being in the ocean. A large percentage of these would be washed up on beaches. Even places once known as pristine and precious such as the Galapagos Islands don’t get to escape from the non-biodegradable trash.

Five trillion pieces of plastic are still afloat in seas. Some of these are so tiny they could end up getting swallowed by albatrosses, plankton, sea turtles, whales, and fish. Most that remain will further break up or sink down deep into the sea, where other creatures we may have never known before would become victims and eventually die undiscovered.

4. Two Concentric Circles On Sand Drawn By A Stuck Piece Of Dried Seaweed. Thanks To The Wind For Making It Rotate

concentric circles by a seaweed - interesting beach things

5. After Getting Inspiration From The Trashtags, I Helped Clean Up The Local Beach With My GF. I Found An Instant Reward In The Form Of This $50 Note

50 dollar note found in the trash - interesting beach things

6. While Fishing, This Man Found A Message In A Bottle

interesting beach things - message in a bottle

For many years now, some people find beachcombing as a great pastime. It’s actually the practice of looking for any item of interest that washes off from the shore.

Some really serious beachcombers will bring metal detectors with them. They’ll try to search for something of value from war remnants and shipwrecks from of old. Mostly though, they’ll only find a bunch of trash. Nonetheless, you might think beachcombing is still an exciting hobby!

7. What A Fantastic, Swirling Pattern In A Pyrite Fossil! Found This On An English Beach

pyrite fossil - interesting beach things

Interested at combing beaches? You have to check on your local laws. Most governments would not allow taking away plants and animals. For a few seashells, it would be just fine.

There are some risks, though. For instance, a 41-year old woman once picked what she thought was amber on a beach near Hamburg, Germany. After placing it in her jacket’s pocket, and later laying the jacket down, the pocket combusted! It turned out that the item was, in fact, white phosphorus. It was from an incendiary bomb placed back in World War II.

8. Location: Corporation Beach On Cape God. Goosebumps!

interesting beach things shell on corporation beach
Cristina DiGioia Mastro

This shell’s journey isn’t over yet; so it had to be returned to the sea!

9. Stone Arches Stacked Like Crazy

stacked stone arches interesting beach things

Suppose there’s a shipwreck and all the goods get washed up at the beach in your locale. Should you take the items with you?

There was once a famous shipwreck on England’s south coast. In 2007, the MSC Napoli, a cargo ship, had to be protected from breaking apart in the storm. About a hundred containers got washed up on the shore. Needless to say, the locals were excited. ABC immediately reported the following:

“Initially intrigued and then delighted, local residents, followed by scavengers from all over the country, descended onto the beach and spent two days and nights frantically looting whatever booty they could get their hands on. Motorbikes, spare car parts, clothes, make-up, nappies and even Bibles in foreign languages were all rapidly pilfered by grinning beachcombers in a crazed treasure hunt more akin to the days of galleons and pirates.”

For several years now, residents still keep what they’ve harvested from that wreckage. Some of them got wine barrels and even BMW motorbikes—they just all kept quiet about it. To the villages, the incident was quite a mad experience, and they will keep chatting about it on and on and on.

10. It’s A Stone Rainbow On Hornsea Beach In The UK!

rarinbow stones - interesting beach things

11. This Landed On A French Beach After The Storm

storm statue interesting beach things

12. It’s A Rare Find On A Beach

unusual creature bone interesting beach things

13. A Chunk Of Glacial Ice Weathered By The Sea: Perfect Chair For Me!

glacial ice perfect chair - interesting beach things

14. Exotic Glacial Ice

interesting beach things piece of glacial ice

15. Smile Soda Bottle From July 11, 1922

interesting beach things - smile soda

16. A Glass Ball Home From Small Marine Creatures In Hawaii

glass ball ecosystem interesting beach things

17. A List Of The Most Common Garbage And How Long Till They Decompose

common garbage and how long till they decompose - interesting beach thingsinteresting beach things

18. An Intricate Sand Castle In A Beach In Tel Aviv

sandcastle in tel aviv - interesting beach things

19. He Found This Washed Up Gigantic Squid In Wellington, NZ

giant squid - interesting beach things

20. Somebody Celebrated His 40th Birthday On A Beach And Found This

tiny coca cola bottle - interesting beach things

The man never had any clue that mini Coke bottles like this ever existed.

21. Tracks And Footprints Of All Sorts

interesting beach things - different tracks and footprints

22. A Kilo Of Cocaine Found On A Beach In South Florida

cocaine in south florida beach - interesting beach things

Estimated at more $150,000 in value, it was eventually placed in the hands of the authorities.

23. This Little Guy Will Grow So Large In Two Years That It Will Have A Wingspan Of 14 Feet!

little octopus - interesting beach things

24. A Rock Within A Rock

rock within a rock - interesting beach things

25. This Imprint On A Rock I’ve Found

the rock I found on the beach - interesting beach things

26. A Washed-Up Part Of A Whale’s Spinal Column

whale spinal column - interesting beach things

27. An Entire Watch Repair Kit Inside A Biscuit Tin That Appears To Be From The 1970s

watch repair kit - interesting beach things

28. After Six Hours Of Searching For Shark Teeth At Folly Beach, Here’s What My Brother Gathered

interesting beach things - shark teeth

29. Gigantic Piano Stack You’ll See During Low Tide

stack of pianos - interesting beach things

30. A Toothless Kite This Big

interesting beach things - toothless kite

31. Magnetized Metal Fragments On My Bag After Strolling Along LA Beach

metal fragments from sand - interesting beach things

32. This Puffer Fish Got Stranded

interesting beach things - stranded puffer fish

33. A P-38 On Welsh Beach

p-38 on welsh beach - interesting beach things

34. Numerous Snow Balls In The Water Right After It Snowed

snow balls on water - interesting beach things

35. This 5’10” Man Vs. An Incredibly Huge Washed-Up Locker

washed up on dillon beach - interesting beach things