Starbucks Has Released A Tasty New Flamingo-Inspired Frappuccino Drink

Pink is always in season and we’ve found the newest sensation for those who love all things pink. The new Pink Flamingo Drink from Starbucks is a bright candy floss shade which is so easy on the eye. The name of the new Starbucks sip is the Ruby Flamingo Frappuccino and it features the perfect blend of ruby chocolate pieces and raspberry syrup with an all-pink whipped cream topping. Sweet and beautiful, what’s not to like about it?

In case you didn’t know, ruby chocolate is a variety of chocolate introduced by the Barry Callebaut Group, a Belgian-Swiss chocolate company, in 2017. The company claims that the pink chocolate is made from ruby cocoa beans. It is important to point out that this is not a new variety of cocoa bean. In fact, ruby beans are actually just regular cocoa beans. Naturally, cocoa beans grow in purple pods, giving them a natural purple tint. However, the beans lose their purple color after fermenting.


This new Starbucks Pink Flamingo Drink comes in a dreamy all-pink color

starbucks pink flamingo drink

Barry Callebaut found a way to retain the original color of the cocoa beans from less fermenting. Minimizing the fermentation process has proven to retain the purple color which later becomes pink when mixed with milk, sugar and cocoa butter.

The result is a pink-colored chocolate with an intense fruity taste due to reduced fermentation. Ruby chocolate offers a totally new taste experience which has the combination of berry flavor and luscious smoothness. And that’s exactly what we’ll get in every cup of the Starbucks Ruby Flamingo Frappuccino.

The appetizing blend of ruby chocolate and raspberry syrup gives this Frappuccino a sweet-fruity flavor. And that pink whipped cream is the icing on the cake, making it the most ideal topping to finish it off. So, go ahead and give in to your cravings for this pink drink. Just a heads up, this limited-edition Frappuccino is available from June 4th for four weeks only. You can find them in Starbucks locations across the UK within this limited time. It is available in Mini, Tall, and Grande sizes.

Source: StarbucksUK