This Dad Uses His Photoshop Skills To Send His GF Pics Whenever She Asks If The Baby Is Okay

Arguably the best photo editing software ever made, Photoshop has revolutionized modern photography and has changed our perception of reality. Let’s face it, most of the pictures you see posted on social media were digitally altered, edited, and filtered. Many people resort to media manipulation to make them look ‘perfect’ in the eyes of society. Today, the excessive use of this image editing software gave rise to unrealistic images to make people feel they are conforming to society’s unrealistic beauty standard. Some people often edit their photos to make it seem like they’re in a particular circumstance which is impossible to achieve in real life.

Indeed, digitally altered photos featuring flawless physique or impossible circumstances can send out a poor message to other people. While photo manipulation can mess with our perception of reality in a negative way, it can also be used to promote positivity (and laughter) too. There’s James Fridman, aka the Photoshop Wizard, who uses his masterly photo-editing skills to fix all photo problems. And there’s also Kenny Deuss from Antwerp, Belgium who is currently grabbing attention on Instagram for his hilarious Photoshop creations featuring his two little daughters.

We already know what happens when you leave the kids alone with their dad, right? Just expect the funniest and unimaginable things to happen when dads are tasked to look after the kids. Digital creator Kenny has to look after, not one, but two energetic little tots when his girlfriend is out to work. Of course, it’s only natural for moms to be a bit anxious when leaving kids with their husbands. So, every Tuesday, Kenny’s girlfriend made it a habit to ask him for a pic to see how the kids are doing. Kenny, in return, would send Photoshopped pictures of the kids in hilarious and dangerous situations to troll her.


“Happy birthday Alix! Even though we only have a small party due to COVID, we’re having a blast!”


“Teamwork is dreamwork. Luckily dad is good in catching.”


“Alix has decided to collect money to buy some new toys.”

It all started in 2019 when their firstborn Alix was 3 months old. When his girlfriend asked for a photo of baby Alix, he sent a photo of him and the baby sitting at the couch and reading books. At first glance, the pic looked really cute and wholesome. But with a closer look, you’ll see baby Alix reading an interesting book that teaches her how to dominate the world with the use deadly weapons. And everything went more extreme after that. His very first Photoshop creation was then followed by more pics showing the perilous adventures of baby Alix. The 3-month-old infant can be seen sitting at the edge of a seaside cliff, playing with snake, sliding from the roof, drinking beer, and more.


Reading = learning


“The view here is amazing!”


“I made some new friends!”


“Dad CAN do 2 things at the same time!”


“My first skate session went really well!”


“I hate these rainy days. Dad came prepared.”


“I’m helping mom and dad in the kitchen today.”


“Dad couldn’t take it anymore”


“I was shocked when dad asked me to fix the electricity.”


“Home schooling: balance on-line”


“I love cooking with my dad.”


“She is digging her new swing”


“I couldn’t find Alix inside so I checked the roof…”


“There will be no fireworks this year so we made our own.”


“Holidays are over. Back to home schooling.”

Kenny’s Photoshop creations are so funny that he had to share them to the world to spread the joy. And apparently, people on Instagram loved his works. His number of followers kept on growing each day and people just keep asking for more. On February 2021, Kenny proudly announced the newest addition to the family – his newborn girl Aster. He teased everyone by posting a photo of him holding the adorable infant in a bubble wrap with a parcel box nearby. His followers got even more excited to see baby Aster joining him and Alix in their next thrilling adventures.


“Yesterday we welcomed little sister ‘Aster’. She is doing well and is ready for new adventures with dad and her big sis!”



“I’m always surprised at what we find under furniture when we’re cleaning the house.”


“I don’t think it’s dad’s first experience with snow. He came prepared.”


“Dad is a little scared of this virus so we ordered a couple of vaccines online.”


“A hot cup of coffee makes my day.”


“Today dad is teaching me why I’m supposed to wear shoes outside.”


“Laundry day! Mom asked us to do the laundry and bathe Aster. Luckily dad is smart enough to do both at the same time.”


“Dad is teaching me to ride a bicycle.”


“Dad is trying out his new hoverboard and decided to take me along.”


“They made sure the hallway to the expo is ready for another weekend. If only dad would have seen the sign…”


“We spend two days at the Belgian coastline. Apparently there are a couple of aggressive seagulls there. If someone finds their nest with Aster in it, please let me know”


“Today we went for a short bicycle ride. Of course dad had to do some tricks on our way.”


“You can’t get anywhere these days with all these traffic jams”


“It’s weekend! Time to bake!”


“We’re playing hide & seek today! Dad is so bad at this game..”

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