These Raccoons Have Gained A Big Following Because Of Their Abstract Paintings Made With Their Tiny Paws

Raccoons are more than trash pandas. As a matter of fact, these ubiquitous medium-sized mammals are endowed with natural artistic talent, in case you didn’t know. Let us introduce you to these three talented animals that can create abstract paintings by using their paws. Meet Tito, Cheeto and Piper and their stunning artworks that are taking social media by storm.

These artistic rescue animals are under the care of their owners Mitchell and Sarah Thyme. Tito was their first adopted pet whom they rescued in 2017. The Thyme couple immediately noticed Tito’s potential as an artist when they saw him constantly touching things with his paws. That’s when they thought that painting would be a fun activity for him. By giving him a tiny canvas and some paints, Tito used his paws to create artistic smudges in multiple colors. The result is a minimalist abstract artwork that could pass as a masterpiece painting.


Artistic Animals Showing Off Their Abstract Masterpieces

His remarkable abstract paintings led to Tito’s huge success and popularity on the internet. Both his Instagram and YouTube accounts have garnered a huge following. Tito even has his own online shop where his fans can buy his unique paintings. In 2019, another rescue named Cheeto joined the Thyme family. Just like Tito, Cheeto also showed a very promising talent in painting. And the two continued to make more abstract paintings together.


Here Is Tito Looking Proud Of His First Painting

Sadly, in January 2020, Mitchell and Sarah announced that Tito had gone missing and hasn’t been seen since he had gotten outside. Tito’s fans were heartbroken with the sad news. And Cheeto was also left alone and lonely without his brother around. But not until Piper came to fill the void in their hearts. Surprisingly, Piper also showed a knack for painting. So, Cheeto and Piper continued to create abstract masterpieces to carry on Tito’s legacy.


“Our raccoons paint as they please,” Sarah says, “so there is no set amount of time a painting will take.”

Follow these artistic animals on Instagram to see their entire portfolio of paintings. If you wish to own one or two of their paintings, you can check out Tito’s online shop to see available artwork pieces that are up for sale.


Cheeto Makes His First Painting


Meet Piper, The Up-And-Coming Artist

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