Never Over Cook A Steak Again With This Sous Vide Cooker

Make restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your home with this sous vide cooker. Do you like your steak medium rare or well done? Have you ever wondered how professional chefs cook our steaks exactly how we want? The secret lies in a cooking technique that uses temperature control to cook food to the precise degree of doneness desired. For decades, chefs have been utilizing a method called sous vide (French term for ‘under vacuum’). This method involves cooking vacuum-sealed food in a plastic pouch or glass jar at a very precise temperature in a water bath.

Since this cooking technique uses low-temperature cooking, it usually cooks food longer than conventional cooking. This is to ensure that the inside of the food is evenly cooked without overcooking the outside. And since the food cooks in its juices, it also retains moisture which makes it tender and juicy. Apparently, sous vide requires precision skills that only pros can execute. But thanks to this little piece of technology, anyone can now pull off this complex technique and achieve pro-level results.


Sous Vide Cooker

sous vide cooker

Introducing the sous vide cooker, a simple device that allows you to cook tons of amazing dishes like a pro. All you have to do is attach this programmable device to any pot with water. Set the desired temperature and timer according to your preferred level of doneness. Then drop the vacuum-sealed food into the pot and let the thermal immersion cooking device do the rest. Additionally, this WiFi-enabled device allows you to connect it with your phone through an app. So, you can control and monitor the cooking status even when you’re not in the kitchen.

thermal immersion precision circulator


sous vide cooker clip attachment


thermal immersion circulator wifi

This cooker has a temperature range from 77°F to 210°F with a maximum timer of 99 hours 59 minutes. It features rapid heating elements and efficient water circulator with 360 degree heating to cook food evenly. The readable LCD screen displays the current temp and time left in real time. The timer starts when the temperature reaches the target setting value. Furthermore, this noiseless device automatically turns off and alarms you when the water level falls behind the min level.

sous vide cooker details


thermal immersion circulator doneness


sous vide cooker steak


Another great thing about this cooker is its preset values that removes unnecessary stress from cooking. Just press the Set button for 3 seconds to open the menu on the screen. Choose your desired recipe, type of meat and doneness of meat. The smart device will automatically set the temp and timer to cook your food the way you wanted it. It measures 16.5 inches long and 2.75 inches wide with convenient water level indicators and removable housing for easy cleaning. In addition to meat, you can use this thermal immersion circulator to cook fish, veggies, eggs, fruits, crème brulee, smoky ribs and more.

thermal immersion precision cooking device


thermal immersion calculator


sous vide cooker under vacuum cooking


sous vide cooker low temp cooking


“We are happy with the performance of the sous vide [cooker]. I have used it to cook steak and chicken breast, and they all turned out perfect. I also boiled eggs with it and they are just superb”, one satisfied buyer wrote. “Made some average steaks taste like they were sterling silver quality.”, another buyer wrote.

thermal immersion precision cooking


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sous vide cooker lcd screen display

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