New Mixed Berry Twinkies Are Filled With Blueberry, Raspberry And Strawberry Creme

Two are better than one, but three is definitely the best. And, the Twinkies Mixed Berry are proof because these are full of three fruity flavors: strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. If you think the berry flavor is only for smoothies then Hostess will prove you wrong. Now we can enjoy this refreshingly sweet flavor as a baked treat with the brand’s latest offering.

The new Twinkies feature the classic golden sponge cake with creamy filling made with strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. Furthermore, the package indicates that the filling is made with real fruit. So, expect to all the fruitiness without the artificial flavors. Not to mention, that pink-colored crème looks so gorgeously tempting.


Twinkies Mixed Berry

The brand has recently released seasonal flavors including the Christmas-inspired Mint Chocolate, Valentine’s-themed Strawberry and the fall-inspired Pumpkin Spice. And since mixed berry is an any-season flavor, we’re guessing that this has nothing to do with the fall season. Besides, we already have the Pumpkin Spice variety to appease our cravings for fall-flavored treats. But if you’re still feeling the late-summer vibe then this fresh flavor should suit your taste.

The new Twinkies have started rolling out in stores. People have spotted them at Walmart and Dollar General. So, it appears that these goodies are available in major retailers nationwide. They come in a 13.58 oz box containing 10 individually wrapped cakes. Unlike the brand’s seasonal offerings, this one doesn’t appear to be limited-edition. So, we’re assuming this will be a permanent flavor that we can enjoy all year round. We don’t know about you but we can’t wait to try these!