‘Wicked Makers’ Created A Creepy Halloween Candy Slide For Trick-Or-Treating At A Distance

Amid the lingering threat of Covid-19, children are still excited for the upcoming spooky season. Needless to say, trick-or-treating means the world to them and cancelling this tradition would surely break their spirits. This ingenious Halloween candy slide will help keep the tradition alive while keeping kids safe during the pandemic. It is designed to dispense candies with a safe distance of 6 feet between the giver and the receiver. Hence, it helps maintain social distancing to minimize the risk of transmission.

The creepy yet cool candy slide was designed by Wicked Makers. It uses a 3-inches diameter PVC pipe positioned diagonally to dispense the treats from one side to the other side. The 7-inch long pipe is supported by 1-inch diameter pipes which make up the entire reliable base. It features a full skeleton figure holding the upper end of the long pipe. And a skull placed at the lower end where kids collect the candies.


Halloween Candy Slide

halloween candy slide
Wicked Makers

To give the candy slide a horror theme, wrap the long pipe and the skeleton figure with cheese cloth. You can get more creative from there by adding more spooky props onto it. Wicked Makers are offering the digital plan for this candy dispenser on their website. You can download it for free. In addition to the downloadable plan, the website also includes all materials and tools required to build this thing. They have also included links where to buy each material to make things easier for you.



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Sure, the pandemic is scary. But we can do our part in keeping the Halloween tradition alive for the sake of our children. This candy slide is just one innovative solution to let kids celebrate trick-or-treating while keeping them safe. With its creepy design, you’re not only giving them candies but you’re also giving them something to smile about.


Check out the spooky skeleton candy dispenser in action on the video below

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