Amazing Space Themed Interior Design Ideas For Astronomy Fans

Space, and everything it beholds, is beautiful. Sometimes there’s nothing better than lying under the stars, just pondering what’s out there. For some people, their love of space goes further than this. Whether you’re a die hard astronomy fan or simply love how the moon looks on a clear night, we’ve got some amazing space themed interior design ideas that you are bound to love. These images have got us planning a cosmic make over for our homes! Take a look and see which items appeal to you the most!

Constellation Blanket

Kick back on this awesome constellation blanket whilst looking up at the starry sky!

Constellation Runner

Show your guests your love of all things space with this awesome constellation themed table runner!

Cosmic Chopping Board

This chopping board would make a great gift!

Full Moon Mattress

Escape reality for a while by taking a nap on this full moon mattress.

Galaxy Sheets

These vibrant and enchanting sheets will transform your bedroom!

Galaxy Blinds

We desperately want to get our hands on these awesome blinds!

Galaxy Lollipops

These are REAL! Although, we’re not sure we could eat something so wonderful looking…

Galaxy Lanterns

These would look lovely in a child’s bedroom. The mixture of colors is just wonderful!

Galaxy Wall Decal

If you want to take things to the next level, you could cover one of your walls in this awesome galaxy decal!

Crescent Moon Chair

We love this piece! Once again, this would look great in a child’s bedroom, however, we’re sure adults could enjoy this too!

Moon Clock

If some of these pieces have been too big or too bold for your tastes, something like this adorable moon clock might appeal to you more.

Moon Plates

At first glace we didn’t realize that this was a plate! Pretty cool if you ask us!

Moon Rug

If you’re looking for something that is unique when compared to the standard rugs most people have, this moon themed one is great!

Nebula Shower Curtain

We love how bright this shower curtain is! We could stare at it for hours.

Planetarium Lamp

Light up any room with thousands of stars using this awesome lamp.