Here Are Some Of The Biggest Lies Kids Have Told Their Parents

We all know that kids are not always honest with their parents. This isn’t unusual or rare. Whilst they aren’t thrilled with the thought of this, they accept it and know it’s all part of the course with having kids. However, if parents truly knew some of the things their little darlings have lied about, they would probably be mortified! Below we have a selection of the biggest lies kids have told their parents. Take a look and see if you told similar lies in your own youth!
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A very common lie that kids tell their parents. It’s quite a hard one to sustain, however. 

How hilariously random! Not for the victim, of course… 

5 words that cut awfully deep. 

A triple whammy here! 

For some people, the lies to their parents come out on a daily basis. 

Another extremely common one! 

This is sad. We hope the person involved did eventually manage to stop. 

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This one must have a lot of background to it. 

What a sad situation. Miscarriage can be utterly devastating. 

Wow. Mom would not have been happy about this, we don’t think. 

Ah, we’ve all used the ‘it’s not mine’ line! 

How different the parent’s lives would be had their child actually run away. 

Well, the saving is to be praised! The dishonesty, not so much. 

We’re all ashamed of certain things.