Bakers Have Been Creating Realistic Island Cakes And The Results Are Incredible

What makes a delectable cake even more tempting? Maybe a beautiful design that looks too gorgeous to eat. These bakers are taking cake decorating to a whole new level by making paradise island cake art. Pristine blue ocean water, fine sand and moss-covered islands. These striking elements are perfectly recreated in each delightful bake. Each cake looks like a chunk of an idyllic island setting.

At Awesome Inventions we always have a soft spot for beautiful cakes that you can almost eat with your eyes. Cakes that look like shaggy rugs, galaxy-inspired cakes and cakes that look like real succulents. These are only few of the most beautiful cakes we’ve seen so far. Now, we might need to add these paradise island cakes onto our list. Apparently, the captivating scene of pristine islands has inspired many bakers and pastry chefs from around the world.


Paradise Island Cake Art

Each baked masterpiece takes you to a paradise getaway where you can almost hear the waves gently crashing on the sandy shore. These breathtaking paradise island cakes are indeed a beauty to behold. But at the end of the day, these beauties are still a cake. When your eyes already have its fill, it will be your taste buds’ turn to be satisfied. Of course, everything you see in these charming cakes is edible.


This cake even has a cool ship

So, the seabed and the islands seem to be made from traditional butter cakes and foam cakes. Obviously, the ocean water is made from jelly. The transparency of the jelly allows the viewer to see the depths of the water. All the fishes, corals and even sunken ships, can be clearly seen underneath the ocean surface. Most of these elements are made from biscuits, chocolate, fruits and cheese cream. Besides, a cake has to not only look beautiful but it has to be delicious as well. We’ve gathered the prettiest examples of paradise island cakes to appease your eyes.


Some of the bakers also opted for a unique shape to instead of the classic round cake


A lot of the paradise island cake art has lots of jelly to represent the water


While some have only added a little water to create a more rocky cake scene


So, which one of these cakes is your favorite?